Ancient Secret Fountain Youth Book



Ancient Secret Fountain Youth Book


Stealing The Closely Guarded Secrets of Youth From The World’s Most Rich And Famous.

This is not some seedy secret revealed only to us by a wise old man huddled in a cave somewhere. It’s not some deep dark formula that evil wealthy people have been hiding form you for centuries. And, no, it is not the miracle cure-all pill that Big Pharma or the Medical Profession have suppressed and don’t want you to know about to protect their tyrannical monopoly and obscene profits.

The “SECRET” is simply science. Thousands and thousands of studies and experiments done by accredited researchers all over the world.

And for the first time ever, compiled, organized and analyzed to show you the entire forest of effective anti-aging techniques rather than just tree after tree after tree. So you can recover your lost energy, reverse or stop the ravages of diseases and not lose your marbles.

It has been specially organized and written to give you a wealth of easy to understand, easy to follow pathways to a much longer, much healthier life. Fully marbled up.

At Long Last, Someone Has Connected The Scientific Dots.

This data is all public knowledge. Anyone could access it, if they had the time and the inclination. And anyone could arrive at the same simple elegant conclusions we present here, if they had a comprehension of scientific jargon and the ability to analyze the masses of raw data.

But no one has ever done so.

UNTIL NOW! – in this remarkable Prometheus Project.

There are literally thousands of important anti-aging studies and experiments going on all the time, all over the world. Scientists get grants to study one aspect of one anti aging area. Others study another aspect of it in another location altogether. Once the study is complete or their grant money runs out, they usually put their research on a shelf and move on to more well funded topics. They seldom confer. They are lost in their little area of expertise. They can’t see how all their part fits in with the parts others are studying, and, in most cases are not even aware that other studies are going on…

It’s the absent minded professor syndrome.

Also, quite a lot of studies are sidelined…
Because They Do Not Produce The
Effects That The Sponsors Wanted.

But those studies are STILL valid!

Also there are thousands of PhD’s graduating every year all over the world in the life sciences. In order to do so they must do original research that contributes something entirely new to their field. And they do so, each and every one of them and then, once their exams are over, they put their PhD theses study on a shelf and never think of it again.

These studies and experiments are all like small drops of paint.

Alone, they mean NOTHING.

But combined…

These Studies Form A Big Picture That Really Changes Everything In The Anti Aging Field…

That’s what we’ve done in the Prometheus Project

We’ve researched the research. We’ve studied the studies. We’ve unearthed new, unreleased work, little known work and completely forgotten work on virtually every aspect of anti aging.

Then connected the dots.

And created The Prometheus Project – The one source for the latest and most complete compilation of research ever done on every aspect of anti aging.

Prometheus Project CoverAncient Secret Fountain Youth Book

The Prometheus Project eBook contains a wealth of knowledge that you can easily understand and act upon, to keep yourself young, energetic, clear headed and healthy long past the time most other people are even alive.

Here’s What Prometheus Has Stolen For You:

Here are just some of the many unfair advantages – stolen from the Gods – for you, and contained in the Prometheus Project eBook:

Ancient Secret Fountain Youth Book – Time Bomb Food Allergies:

You’ve probably heard of food allergies – which are simply your immune system reacting to the ingestion of certain chemicals and compounds found in some foods.

In America alone, over 12 million people have been diagnosed with food allergies – the common culprits being shellfish, peanuts, fish, gluten, eggs, milk, tree nuts (cashews/walnuts) and soy.

Those 12 million are JUST the ones who experienced serious enough discomfort, almost instantly after eating the food, to warrant a visit to the doctor or the hospital.

The vast majority of food allergies do not present in such a dramatic fashion. They work more like time bombs. They tick away, causing more and more damage to your digestive tract or your cardio vascular system, without any major pain or discomfort – until suddenly, one day BOOOM – the bomb goes off and your major organs are compromised.

How do you know this is happening to you?

You don’t feel right. You’re tired. Your mind is foggy. You have a constipations/diarrhea cycle, your stomach is upset, your blood sugar is too low or too high, you feel depressed or anxious or your eyesight is failing.

They sound like the common symptoms of old age, don’t they?

Yet they are ALL curable and reversible.

The Prometheus Project tells you how to recognize whether or not you are suffering from one of these time bomb allergies and how to identify the food that is causing it.

Which Will Suddenly Eliminate A Good Many Of Your Old Age Symptoms, Almost Overnight!

Ancient Secret Fountain Youth Book – A Glaringly Simple Cure For Back Pain:

9 out of 10 adults experience serious back pain at some time in their lives. 5 out of 10 working adults suffer from back pain at least once a year. Back pain is responsible for 40% of sick days taken off and it is the single biggest cause for claiming permanent disability.

Strangely enough, the majority of back pain is NOT caused by hard work or improper lifting. It is caused by sitting…At desks, at computers, and at work stations.

Treatment includes regular massage, constant pain pills or painful surgery – but NO treatment seems to provide the pain free cure that most people need.

Your Prometheus Project, however, can show you a simple way to cure the problem, stop the pain and eliminate all the associated discomfort…

Without Side Effect -Laden Drugs, Risky Surgery, Expensive Constant Massage Or Complicated Equipment.

Ancient Secret Fountain Youth Book – An Entirely New Way To Focus On Fading Vision:

Your vision does not get dim as you get older. There is NO reason why it should. Yet we all take it for granted.

Your invaluable Prometheus Project eBook shows how wearing glasses or contacts can actually make your vision deteriorate even further (Which is why your prescription increases every year) and why common eye surgeries are far more dangerous than you ever imagined.

You’ll discover that vision is one area where diet and exercise really work – and how hundreds of thousands of people have regained 20/20 vision after being schooled in taking the right eye nutrients – available in common foods – and doing simple eye exercises that can be practiced anywhere.

Ancient Secret Fountain Youth Book – The Sweet Answer For Diabetes:

Hundreds of thousands of people, who present with the symptoms of diabetes, have insulin resistance. Their immune system suddenly declares their own insulin, produced in their pancreas, to be an enemy and blocks it.

Your Prometheus Project eBook can show you how to deal with this insulin resistance simply and easily, to return your blood sugars to their natural equilibrium.

Prometheus has also stolen many simple, effective ways to fight frightening and painful conditions. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover inside:

  • You’ll discover the top 3 lies you are being fed about anti-aging – and explain how you can start feeling younger and more energetic within 30 days. Through knowledge alone.
  • You’ll learn why you are currently headed for some cheesy nursing home, and how to avoid that horrible fate and keep your independence. Just by looking and feeling better.
  • How to interpret your medical records and how to research your family’s medical history so you’ll know what might be coming to get you. And how to defeat it.
  • Discover forgotten research on common food supplements to let you bullet proof yourself against viral infections. Good to know, since doctors can’t even cure colds.
  • The studies and historical data which prove that one secret of a long and healthy life is something you’d never expect – alcohol. And show you how to use it to best effect.
  • Uncover proven ways to read your own body, or that of others, and tell whether arterial sclerosis might be a problem – just from the look of knees, elbows and heels.
  • We’ll deliver an entire seminar in print about supplements – the good, the bad and the ugly and show you why you need more B12 than you’re getting – and how to get it.
  • We’ll discuss cell nutrition in depth and explain how to energize your cells, to guard against the hormones in everyday foods, which are sapping your strength and willpower.
  • You’ll learn the facts concerning the effects your blood type has on your health.
  • Identify which foods your blood type requires, and which are toxic. And how to recognize and defeat the deadly hidden food allergies that these toxic foods can cause.
  • We will disabuse you of the notion that arthritis is a natural condition of normal aging.
  • You’ll find out that your arthritis medicine is blocking the important message your body is trying to send to you – and, in the process, making the condition worse and more painful.
  • Even if you don’t suffer from any of these common ailments now, you need the Prometheus Project to ensure that you are prepared to fight back effectively when these conditions finally do attack you or a vulnerable loved one.

Imagine Suddenly Feeling Happy And Joyful For No Reason At All.

No pain. No nausea. No stiffness or lethargy. No depression or despondency. You could be just happy to be alive. Again. And looking forward to many more years of the same.

That’s the promise of the Prometheus Project. The miracle we are trying to share with everyone, of every age and every condition. We see it as a sacred duty – a worthwhile mission that we were put on earth to undertake.

This pain-free, worry-free, energy-filled existence is the natural state that your body was designed to be in, for a very long and joyful life. It’s just that our present way of life and the present way in which the medical industry is organized, deprives you of the tools your body requires to be constantly at its best.

Finally – You Can Give Your Body The Tools It Needs To Rebuild, Repair, Rejuvenate And Protect.

The Prometheus Project eBook will help you do just that… giving you a wealth of invaluable insights and unfair advantages to help you stop the clock and feel much better for much longer…so much so, in fact, that you’ll be craving a more active lifestyle. Instead of what you’re doing now.

Quit Just Waiting To Die! Start Anticipating So Much More To Live For!

After a certain age, most seniors just sit around, waiting to die. Disease and a worn out body curtail the kind of living we can do without pain. And many of us feel that our best years are all behind us now and that we really have nothing to look forward to or to live for. But the Prometheus Project can change all that. Suddenly you’ll bound out of bed each morning, with so much living to do you will need extra years to get it all in – and at long last, you’ll have them. Pain free. Disease free. All powered up and ready to go. Younger in appearance and younger at heart. Just like the favored few – all those evergreen celebrities and rich people.

And you’ll become one more of the thousands of people who have already helped our dream come true – of sharing proven anti-aging secrets – which were formerly only available to the rich and famous – with everyone.

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Ancient Secret Fountain Youth Book