Ammo Independence – Ammunition Making Firearm Survival Guide


Ammo Independence – Ammunition Making Firearm Survival Guide


If you’re a gun owner, then you are well aware that the federal government’s recent push for new stricter “gun control” laws and national gun registries have failed.

This has led many of our fellow gun owners to believe the WAR ON GUNS is over… but don’t be fooled.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The president and his allies have implemented a covert plan to control guns-and-ammo and you might be shocked at how successful it’s been so far.

Maybe you’ve got a stockpile of food and other supplies in anticipation of an upcoming disaster or prolonged crisis. The one preparedness area that you may be lacking is long-term firearm-survival. The truth is after a crisis, the government may attempt to seize guns.

If you think it can’t happen… you should realize that it happened before. After hurricane Katrina, the federal government confiscated guns from lawful citizens without warrants!

This is why you need to have a firearms-survival-plan.

Having the ability to protect yourself, your family and your home after a crisis is critical. Firearm is part of that protection plan.

Introducing… Ammo Independence – Ammunition Making Firearm Survival Guide


Let’s Take a Look at What’s Included in Ammo Independence – Ammunition Making Firearm Survival Guide

How to Build a Rifle

First off, we have the How to Build Your Own Rifle module. Here you’ll learn how to custom build your own AR-15 rifle for much less than what you’d pay at a local gun shop.

And you’ll learn how these rifles can be made completely “off the books“, meaning they won’t appear on any government registries or lists.

And it’s completely legal and within the ATF’s federal firearm-guidelines!


Next up is Ammo-Independence: The Ultimate Guide to Reloading. This outstanding module teaches you how to manufacture your own-ammunition and reload your spent cartridges and shells.

This module will not only ensure your family has all-of-the-ammo you need for long-term-survival, it’ll also teach you a critical skill-set that will be in high demand after an “end of the world as we know it” crisis.

Those who can make their own-ammunition will have peace-of-mind of knowing that they’ll have all the bullets they need!

Hide Your Guns-and-Ammo

The third module is on How to Hide Your Guns-and-Ammo. Once the crisis breaks and looting and rioting starts in the streets, the government will start confiscating guns.

In this section, you’ll learn 21 places around your home to hide them so that government agents and home invaders absolutely cannot find them.

You’ll also learn a “black ops decoy” tactic to make the intruders go away thinking they got your stash while your best guns are safely hidden and ready for you to use at a moment’s notice!

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Ammo Independence – Ammunition Making Firearm Survival Guide