American Civil War Maps, Video, Photos & Lesson Plans


American Civil War Maps, Video, Photos & Lesson Plans


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Instant Downloads of Video Clips recorded at the real places of Historical Events.

The American Civil War Map & Photograph packages, the Civil War Teacher Pack and the American Civil War Collection are four unique packages of practical & adaptable battlefield maps, lesson plans, historic archive images, Google Earth overlays (maps which display within the Google Earth application over the real terrain where a battle occurred) and hundreds of Google Earth KMZ Placemarks (which allow you to zoom straight to a key spot within Google Earth instantly). And these easily downloadable Collections can by yours in minutes!


The Maps and Photographs Collections will be a valuable resource for years to come and take full advantage of exciting tools within Google Earth, the quite amazing free application from Google Inc.

In the Map Collection, over 70 maps have been imported into the Google Earth application to create Map Overlays, an incredibly useful tool which places the colorful battlefield maps over the real earth view within Google Earth.

In the Photograph Collection, over 2,000 archive photographs have been individually downloaded and incorporated into one unique, convenient package. This Collection also includes over 180 modern photographs taken in some of the key locations featured in the archive images, but showing the locations as they appear today.

The Civil War School Pack focuses on key factors before during and after the Civil War, as taught in high schools across the United States.

The simple idea behind the video clips is to give educators raw video files recorded at REAL places where REAL history happened. The video collections have all been recorded on location by filming the key locations, general views and those you didn’t know were there.

The key is how the clips are used, what order they are put in, what other video/photo files are added and most importantly, what narration is used: the video clips are just the starting point.

Young people today make videos and upload them to YouTube all the time. The aim of the video clip collections is to harness the skills young people are naturally developing with this new medium and channel them into the classroom. To make a video you must create a storyline, select the best clips, find other online resources, research, write and record the narration and finally edit your mini-documentary.

Get your students to create a visual essay rather then writing one.

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American Civil War Maps, Video, Photos & Lesson Plans