American Armageddon – Prepper Survival Guide Books


American Armageddon – Prepper Survival Guide Books


Will you survive? Very soon, one event will stun millions of law-abiding Americans. Millions will suffer in the coming depression. Many will be slaughtered in the streets. Only a savvy few will survive during…

The American Armageddon:


Soldiers, survival experts, and economists share the one event that spells the beginning of the end of our American Dream

This one event will be the beginning of the end of our American dream

This one event will have a “domino effect” causing one crisis after another… until people who didn’t prepare turn into predators willing to kill, raid, and steal to survive.

Somewhere along the line, our leaders forgot that pledge.

Now we sit on the brink of a disaster the likes of which the world has never seen before… a final economic collapse that will make your savings account, your rights, and your freedoms null and void… a time when people will “throw their gold into the streets” because food, supplies, and information will be the new currencies.

How serious is this? Will the government protect you? Do you remember what happened after Hurricane Katrina?

Don’t try to convince yourself everything is okay.

Now is the time to step up and get ready. The world won’t end tomorrow. We can’t confirm conspiracy theories. We can’t predict the future. But the writing is on the wall…

Our economy gets closer to collapse every day. Our nation’s credit rating has already been downgraded. Our debt is crippling our Treasury…

World-wide drought will continue to cause the prices of foods to soar… As the cost of oil and gas explode, the prices of everything will rise even more.

Hopefully you don’t expect the government to provide for you. Let your mind go back to Hurricane Katrina, and then think again if you believe the government can help you.

Our government has given us a false sense of security… don’t fall for it. Instead…

Get ready!

Don’t rage against those who conspire against you… the rich, the political, the bureaucrats who want your money and freedom. If you get in this enemy’s way, he has the power to kill you… and what good will it do your family if you go to an early grave?

Don’t fight… prepare!

The truth is, our ship is sinking and there’s nothing you can do except GET READY NOW! Find out NOW how to protect yourself, the people you love, and your possessions. Find out NOW how to survive by being ready for the worst, protected from violence, even prepared to prosper.

Prepare now.

American Armageddon – Prepper Survival Guide Books

Let The American Armageddon – Prepper Survival Guide Books prepare you with:

  • Signs, symptoms, and tips to prevent and treat the top 5 deadly diseases most likely to hit epidemic levels during the coming crisis (when drugs aren’t available)
  • Who is most at risk for each disease
  • The disease most likely to affect children who have contact with other children
  • Foods nevers to buy or eat during a crisis
  • “The Ultimate Medical Kit” – 91 items to have at-the-ready so you can deal with fever, burns, wounds, itchy skin, bug bites, fungus, teeth and mouth pain, blisters, muscle sprains, shin splints, allergies, asthma, cuts and scrapes, constipation, nausea, ear troubles, dry skin, warts, and much more
  • “The Extreme Bug-Out Bag” – Survive on your own for at least 72 hours. 3 kits you must have in your bug-out bag. 6 self-defense items that can handle druggies and zombies alike

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American Armageddon – Prepper Survival Guide Books