Amanda’s Fun Cake Decorating Ideas and Techniques Vol 1


fun-cake-decorating-ideas-headerAmanda’s Fun Cake Decorating Ideas and Techniques Vol 1


Amaze Your Family And Friends With These Fun New Cake Decorating Ideas. With Easy Step-by-Step Photos of Each Stage, Your Family and Friends Will Be Knocking Down Your Door With Their Orders…

And Discover How to Turn Every Mistake You Make Into A Stunningly Unique Masterpiece…

Even If Your Cake Doesn’t Cook All The Way Through!

If You Want To Discover Completely Original Cake Decorating Ideas To Help You…

Amaze your family, friends and clients
Make a name for yourself
Grow your business & increase sales
Be THE person to call for any jobs
Gain confidence and increase your skill level
Know you can handle any ‘disaster’ that comes up
Bring the FUN back into your business or hobby

Then ………. Keep reading!

IMAGINE… The big day finally arrives. Your mother’s 65th surprise birthday party. She has no idea you’ve been learning all sorts of new techniques. Wow – the look on her face when she sees her own portrait created on a birthday cake. How special is that?

IMAGINE… All your friends cheer as you bring in the cake! They all want to know, “Where did you get the idea? It’s so clever…it looks just like a real, cuddly stuffed moose! Amazing!”

IMAGINE… The thrill of landing your first paid cake decorating job. Yikes!! Now what do you do? You want it to be perfect – after all it’s for the big party of your best friend’s business associates … but what if something goes wrong?!

Introducing… Amanda’s Fun Cake Decorating Ideas and Techniques Vol 1


You’ll discover not only delicious cake and icing recipes along with step-by-step decorating instructions but also…

How much fun working with fondant is … remember play dough?
Tips on mixing colors … from a rich black to light skin tones
A simple solution to keep your own hands from turning blue or green! And you don’t have to wear gloves either.
How to make a chocolate mold
How “crumb coating” makes icing a breeze
What NOT to do to keep your cotton candy decoration from turning into a sugary puddle!
How to make life-like animal icing “fur”
How using cookie cutters can speed your time
How a “hot knife” can smooth your way to a beautiful finish

Each cake presents step-by-step instructions, complete with photographs … most showing you all the details.

No more throwing away cakes or icings gone wrong, together we’ll make them go right!

You will be able to decorate any cake for any occasion and you will never have to buy a cake anymore when disaster strikes because you will know how to handle them.

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Amanda’s Fun Cake Decorating Ideas and Techniques Vol 1