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Introducing… “Top Form Alpha Man”


This book will give you an in depth look into the alpha male mind, and teach you how to embrace the real man within you which women find IRRESISTIBLE. When you are finished reading this book, you will have an understanding of yourself, women, and how to attract the types of women you’ve always wanted.

You’ll learn:

• The attractive qualities of bad boys that make women want them and how you can use them to your advantage – Page 42
• Empowering beliefs that you should nail down into your reality so as to project an alpha man – Page 90
• The traits of a leader and how they may or may not help you – Page 59
• What does it mean when women say that there is “no chemistry”. And What exactly is missing when there is “no chemistry”- Page 19
• The attitudes and behaviors that will communicate to women that they are dealing with an alpha man, and how to display them – Page 92
• Why emotional blackmail is becoming a very common tactic of non-alpha guys to use on women and why it will backfire on you. I rate it as the number 1 problem faced by women – Page 86
• Simple alpha lines to say that subtly communicates to women that “they are being rejected by you because they don’t fit into your standards”. Women will only want you more – Page 75
• 6 sure-fire ways to handle other alpha men and leaders if they try to steal your girl – Page 62
• The 5 most common mistakes that men make with women and why they are disastrous. You have to stop doing them – Page 76
• A technique that will help you exude unwavering confidence like an alpha man in whatever you do – Page 98
• Tips on making your place an irresistible love nest – Page 143
• 1 simple technique to get the FULL attention of women while feeling intrigued by you – Page 85
• A hot girl can easily stand out from a crowd and catch the attention of even the guy preparing a salad in the kitchen. Here’s how you can stand out from a crowd by simply using you body language – Page 47
• A quick-fire system to get the women you want into bed like an alpha man – Page 125
• Non-verbal cues that beta men tend to do every day that turn women off instantly and how to overcome them – Page 49
• A simple technique to communicate an alpha dominance to women and make them want to tear your shirt off on the spot – Page 96
• What are the qualities that you should communicate to women to make them want you – Page 52
• How to take a woman home after a date like a real man – Page 142
• Over 10 behaviors that instantly tells women that they are dealing with a “nice guy” who doesn’t “get it” and how to overcome them – Page 87
• List of your biggest insecurities about age, money and looks and explain how things are not what you are led to believe – Page 65
• How to send mixed signals the correct way to create attraction for maximum effect – Page 94
• How putting down women when they step over the line in a manly way can communicates dominance and calm – Page 100
• How men are shooting themselves when complimenting women and how to do it right – Page 84
• 1 simple way to handle your fear of talking to women – Page 111
• How to handle alpha women – Page 121
• Why becoming a guy friend with women will not work the way you want it to. And how to stay out of the “friend” category – Page 39
• Where and how to meet women with an underlying context that is not awkward and women are socially expected to engage you – Page 131
• Techniques that alpha men use to make women comfortable with them emotionally and physically – Page 137
• Why every unmarried woman you meet has a “boyfriend”? And why it shouldn’t bother you – Page 30
• The number one belief-driven attitude that creates attraction of atomic proportions. And women don’t have to interact with you to detect it. You simply have to nail this down – Pg. 108
• How to subtly communicate to women that they are getting the better end of the deal – Page 118
• And many more ideas and concepts that you can use straight away to get better with women….

Let’s face it. You are going to meet a lot more women in your life. Some of which you may find attractive, some of them you have no interest at all.

What if you meet that one woman that you feel is so right for you and you didn’t know what to do or say to succeed with her? By the time you muster enough courage to make a move, it might already by too late. You have officially entered the “friend” zone and can’t get out. The knowledge in this eBook will prepare you for that ONE chance with her. Are you going to let that ONE chance slip away?

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Alpha Male Dating Tips For Men