Alchemy Meditations Advanced Energy – Third Eye Meditation Videos


Alchemy Meditations Advanced Energy – Third Eye Meditation Videos


Purify your mind, body, and spirit with our Third Eye Meditations!

Improve your life Spiritually, as well as mentally and in solving your everyday problems.

A Simple And Proven Method To Activate The Third Eye & Beyond

From the caves of India and Tibet, the science of Tantra has passed from Guru to Disciple for over 2 Millenia before landing in the western world. We are are very lucky to be able to take advantage of this only surviving lineage of the science of Tantra such as the Third Eye, Kundalini, and other Alchemical Practices, and you are very, very, lucky to have found a “drinkable stream” from which to “gather this ancient nectar”.

So what do you get out of it? What’s the difference between an “activated” third eye,or not? Will you see things that other people can’t, Yes.. Will your intuition be increased to the point of feeling like you’re ‘psychic’? Yes..But the real benefits have to be experienced by our Tantric program and can’t be explained. It’s kind of like trying to explain the taste of something sweet to someone who’s never had sugar.

Do you have the determination and will to devote yourself to truly practicing the the real ancient science of the Alchemy of the Third Eye? Which will free you from being trapped the cycle of birth and death and endow you with an immortal Rainbow Body? Are you just a social new-ager who pretends to be spiritual and know what they are talking about and really has no interest in this true and perfect spirituality? Or do you really want to experience the REAL THING.

The True Alchemy of The Fountain of immortality is upon you! We’re offering it to you in exchange for your Gurudakshina, which cleanses the karma of receiving such high Tantric teachings and having given nothing in return to the Vajra Guru.

The above video is a 10-minute sample of one of the 7 videos in the Third Eye Activation Series. The guarantee of its efficacy lies in not only in the ancient Tibetan symbols and Sanskrit mantras for the essences of your own awareness in the form of the Five Wisdom Buddhas, representation of the Primordial Reality, and four brain hemispheres, plus the central Pineal Gland, or in the ancient art of internal visualization of light and sound which is common to nearly all mystery schools and esoteric practices around the world.

Because of all of this combined with the direct infusion of invigorating Pranas (Energies) transmitted from ShaktipatSeer to the one receiving this True Initiation. How this occurs through the media and audio and video may be a mystery for some, but time and space are merely illusions. This media, recorded at any time and space, carries its Divine Frequencies anywhere in time and space, this is a fact proven by scientific observation and experience.

WARNING: Attempting to activate the Third Eye without proper technique and a Vajra Guru can result in extremely bad spiritual, psychological, and physical effects

WARNING: There are loads of false information on the nature of the Third Eye, Kunga Sumdub is a Master of Third Eye Activation & Tantra and can answer your questions and help you with your difficulties every week during Q&A/Meditation Session/Class (If you sign up for membership)

Spiritual Benefits of the Programs

  • True Attainment of immortality of the soul [Trikaya] by developing the Jalu (Rainbow Body) through the time tested Tibetan Buddhist Techniques.
  • Attainment of Nirvana and lasting spiritual bliss, this is not given to you by the Vajra Guru, but through our program it is opened through the Vajra Guru that is your own inner Self.
  • Ability to travel the astral plane and visit with other realms and dimensions, both internally and externally.
  • Ability to travel to the Mt. Meru, the dimension of the 33 Million Hindu Demigods.
  • Continuity of the soul after death, through our practice you will be lead to an eternal Pure Land such as Devachan depending on your nature. There are unlimited Pure Lands, you may even create your own!
  • If you are able to form the Jalu (Rainbow Body) and attain the Infinite Life of the Buddhas, you can send millions of emanations into all the universes in order to preach the dharma to fallen souls.
  • By entering into our advanced levels we can counsel you on how to integrate the visions your receive during the program and attain true Spiritual Fulfillment.
  • Ability to see Auras on all living things, and remember past lives.
  • When you turn your vision inward, you perceive the neon rainbow Dharmakaya, the matrix of all consciousness, manifest as past visions, future memories, it is a dimension you perceive beyond time and space that you travel in in the body formed by our Tantric Meditation Techniques.
  • Advanced practitioners can attain Siddhis (perfections) such as flight, making any object appear at will, the ability to make your body any size, and other such powers.
  • DMT is naturally released by our Third Eye program, giving you a psychedelic high you can have any time you like once you learn how to with our techniques.
  • There are many more psychic senses to be developed that, as said earlier, are like trying to describe sugar to a person who has eaten nothing but bland food their whole life. You can expect your sensual experience of reality to change quite amazingly.

Psychological Benefits of Our Programs

  • Tests have shown that people who meditate regularly experience an increase in memory
  • Medical studies show that a half hour of meditation a day is more effective than antidepressants
  • Meditation once a day can prevent mental health problems like anxiety and depression
  • By practicing our mindfulness meditation techniques only 20 minutes a day, improves not only mood and stress levels but also improves deep cognitive processing efficiency (IQ).
  • Meditation increases DHEA levels, which drastically improves your emotional and mental well-being, DHEA increases your sex drive by normalizing (in women and men) your testosterone levels. Low sexual desire, arousal, and responsiveness are all markedly improved by incorporating meditation into your life.
  • A healthy with improved intelligence and memory has a better chance at succeeding in these hard times we live in
  • Telepathy – the ability to read the emotions and thoughts of others, and even to induce them by means of psychic impression.
  • With the vision of the Astral dimension gained through our Third Eye program, you will learn by being able to communicate with the deep unconscious mind through symbols which appear in various mandala-shaped designs.
  • The Third Eye activation program guarantees you will have longer dream recall and more frequent Lucid Dreams, often pregnant with symbolic meaning from your unconscious self.
  • Studies show that ADD, ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, and a number of neurosis can be cured by meditation, and in our higher level programs we will work with your unconscious complexes to help you stay healthy mentally. That is what our method is really about. Oh, and transcending time and space into other dimensions!
  • By decoding the unconscious symbols which appear, whether in visions induced by the Shaktipat transmission, or by dreams, or by practicing our techniques consistently, you will learn to balance your unconscious and conscious minds, and attain wholeness of your true self.

Physical & Life Improvement Benefits Our Programs

  • Multiple studies prove that meditation is very helpful for heart disease by lowering blood pressure.
  • As mentioned earlier, other studies have proven that practicing 30 minutes of meditation a day is more effective than antidepressants, without the horrible side effects.
  • Regular meditation, especially our Tantric techniques, will keep you healthy and boost your immune system.
  • The secret Tibetan Pranayama techniques are a great addition to any Yoga routine, if you thought you knew what Yoga was all about, just wait till you try this!
  • Medical studies have shown that by participating in meditation practice such as ours will decrease the chance to develop mental health disease such as dementia, and Alzheimer’s.
  • By increasing capacity for long-term memory and a healthy mind, you will have better prospects in life for a demanding career that can be stressful.
  • Being radiant in spirit, healthy in mind, body, and life, will increase your chances with the opposite sex! (And your ability to perform! As mentioned above!)
  • Learn REAL Tantric Sexual techniques from the masters of Karmamudra, harness the energy for the sexual Blissful-Suchness of Enlightenment.
    Regular meditation improves longevity, leading to a longer, happier, healthier life.
  • You’ll also live longer too by making the right decisions due to integrating your dangerous unconscious impulses! Which are responsible for 70% of peoples’ behavior!
  • By finding spiritual fulfillment and mental wholeness through the levels of the program you will decrease your chance of death by heart disease, hypertension, heart attack,or other stress and blood pressure related causes of death.

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Alchemy Meditations Advanced Energy – Third Eye Meditation Videos