After Prom Party Planning Guide for Safe Fun


After Prom Party Planning Guide for Safe Fun


Don’t let your teenager become a statistic on prom night…

Did you know that according to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, on a typical prom weekend:

  • 48 American teenagers are killed in vehicles
  • 5,202 are injured
  • 40% of the deaths are alcohol-related

It is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our kid’s life, but for too many it turns into a horrible tragedy. It is often regarded as a “right of passage” and too many kids use it as an excuse to abandon core values, and common sense – and go wild. As parents and caregivers, it is sometimes necessary to protect our children from themselves. It is one of our last opportunities to do this.

One mom didn’t like those odds…

It doesn’t need to happen that way! Learn how one concerned mom (who happened to have a degree in marketing), seized control, rallied her community and motivated her daughter’s school and the senior class to take charge of their fate and…

Organize a Drug and Alcohol-Free FUN

Motivated by love and concern for her daughter, and armed only with determination and her business marketing background, Lori went to work and learned first hand what needed to be done to coordinate an after prom event for her daughter’s class. She learned the hard way – what to do – and what not to do to stage a successful After Prom celebration.

What you don’t know is that Lori pulled together this entire affair in less than eight weeks. She will be the first to admit that, planning should begin many months before it, but it can be done in a hurry if you are late getting started. At the request of other parents, so as to help others learn from her first-hand experiences, she wrote a book.

Introducing… After Prom Party Planning Guide for Safe Fun

Learn how to…

  • Get the school administration, the students and the community behind your event to insure success
  • Induce local businesses to donate products for door prizes
  • Find the money you need and what to say to people to compel them to donate
  • “Sell” the party to the students as an acceptable alternative to what they would rather be doing
  • Throw a party so tempting that teens (who don’t go to the prom) will beg to attend
  • Choose a party theme and decorate inexpensively
  • Plan the menu – and get them discounted – or free
  • Structure the party so that excitement never wanes
  • Manage the ‘lock in’ and ensure that no one leaves early
  • Protect yourself, your organization and the school from liability issues
  • Develop and get the students to agree on ‘lock-in’ and arrival/departure party policies
  • Write appeal letters to businesses (samples included)
  • Select the right venue to accommodate your party requirements
  • Uncover resources for almost everything related to staging your event
  • Identify security concerns and how to prepare for them
  • Download free customizable forms and letter templates that you can adapt to fit your organization’s particular needs. more about this…
  • Attract publicity from the media to help promote the party to students, parents and the community
  • Create a budget and stick to the plan
  • Get recommendations, tips, helpful suggestions, creative practical ideas that work – and much, much more…

It is easier to walk in the footsteps of others than blaze a new trail yourself.

A while back, Lori was reminiscing about her daughter’s prom during a casual conversation with a friend. She retold the story of those frenzied months in 2000 when she and a handful of other concerned parents organized a spectacular after prom party for her daughter’s senior class. During that discussion Lori realized that countless other parents today were experiencing those same fears and frustrations that she had a few short years ago, and that what she knew could be of great benefit to them. An idea to create the After Prom Party Planning Guide for Safe Fun was born.

Lori spent the next year reviewing and rewriting her original notes and researching new laws, codes and regulations. She interviewed people from the IRS to professional event planners and educators to help her develop a planning script that would benefit people who were now faced with organizing an after prom event.

From her first hand experience and months of intense research, interviews and consultations, Lori created a manuscript that has won acclaim from parents, educators and law enforcement professionals. The After Prom Party Planning Guide for Safe Fun is unlike anything that is available from any source. It is a complete blueprint for how to stage a FUN, substance-free after prom celebration.

It is crammed full of event planning tips from concept to completion! Coordinate a safe, fun, drug and alcohol-free, teen-focused celebration with entertaining and engaging activities.

With the help of this book, you can promise the kids a compelling, fun-filled and entertaining PARTY as an alternative to “other” activities. Discover how to make your event more appealing to the teens – than engaging in dangerous activities such as drinking, drugs and driving under the influence. You can be the one to make their prom a night to remember – not a tragic night they’ll want to forget!

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After Prom Party Planning Guide for Safe Fun