Adverse Possession: Acquire Real Estate In Your Area For Free


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Introducing… Adverse Possession

Over the years, Adverse Possession has created real estate wealth for many individuals worldwide. People like Timothy Ellis, who used Adverse Possession to acquire ownership of a £225,000 (US$357,000) home in South London, England.

…And Roy Bates, who, in 1967, and much to the embarrassment of the British Government, used this to actually acquire ownership of an abandoned military base, located in the North Sea, off the eastern coast of England!

(Previously known as “Roughs Tower” and resembling a small oil rig, this island fortress was used in WWII to help defend the British coastline against German attack).

How was he able to do it? He did it by following the law… Like Mr Ellis, he acquired ownership to a piece of real estate (in this case a military fort, located in the North Sea) that had been abandoned, i.e. it had been left vacant for several years, with the original owner showing no interest in it.

Imagine acquiring legal ownership of a purpose built military base, in the North Sea, and not paying one penny for it! This property is, undoubtedly, worth many millions in today’s market.

Or, what about the Woodstock Organization, in America, who tried Adverse Possession to acquire ownership of the famous Woodstock Festival site, on behalf of the general public. And more recently, Kenneth Robinson of Texas was featured in an ABC News article, regarding his claim to a home in the upscale neighborhood of Flower Mound, TX.

…and the many hundreds that aren’t

The type of claims, detailed above, regularly make the world’s news and give you a good idea just how far this legal procedure can take you. But, like the many practitioners around the world, you’ll probably want your real estate claims to be as low-profile and discreet as possible.

And so you may only want to look at claiming “abandoned” private homes and vacant land; the kind of real estate that is still highly valuable, but “un-newsworthy”.

Acquiring real property like this, on a regular basis, could be as simple as knowing how to make a claim and going ahead with it… Of course, to succeed in this business (like any other) you will need to have a “can do” attitude and be prepared to work. But, there’s no other real estate opportunity that will create this kind of wealth for you for such little effort.

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Adverse Possession: Acquire Real Estate In Your Area For Free