A Walk Into Abstracts Vol 6 Painting Techniques and Ideas


a-walk-into-abstracts-6-headerA Walk Into Abstracts Vol 6 Painting Techniques and Ideas


How many times have you seen a beautiful abstract painting and wondered just how they did that? How did they get the idea? How did they achieve that effect?”

Artists want to peek through other artist’s studio keyholes because we are curious to see what other artists are doing. In other words, “How Did They Do That”?

People learn from other artists and artists learn from each other.

Aren’t you curious how they do what they do and might want to try it? People need to know what it feels like to make a painting that way. The reason people want to read how artists make their paintings is so they can try to do it themselves, but differently.

You have probably spent hundreds or thousands of dollars for books, tapes and workshops. Many artist charge $75, $100 or more per day for workshops. A five day workshop can easily cost more than $1,000 dollars with tuition, travel, lodging, food, etc.

And still you are just learning from one artist.

Introducing… A Walk Into Abstracts Vol 6 Painting Techniques and Ideas


Here you are getting the opportunity to learn the methods of 32 artists.

“Learn The Secrets Of 32 Top Artists”

This is a collection of painting techniques and ideas from 32 accomplished artists and 51 pieces of art work.

This is actually volume six in the “A Walk Into Abstracts” series. Volume one was a massive collection of art and so popular.

These are different artists and paintings than in the other volumes.

Most of the artists featured in this book would say that their art is more real than other painting styles as the colors and textures they create are real.

Allow yourself to enjoy the creative process of art in which ‘Nothing is Wrong’.

Realize that you can create your own masterpiece. You will understand each artist’s methods of painting and use of tools. Don’t just copy what other artists are doing, but use these methods to develop your own unique style.

Artists are constantly looking for new forms of expression and this guide offers you the opportunity to satisfy these needs with abstract painting.

Learn From These Working Processes

Develop your own watercolor acrylic techniques and unique style from the clear information on methods, materials used by professional artists.

After reading the working process and studying each artist’s work, you can then strike out on a path entirely of your own and develop your own style.

No Experience Required!

Even if you do not have drawing or painting experience, you can learn the methods without any complicated techniques. Even if you prefer to paint realistic art or semi abstract art, it can help you get motivated to develop your own original, individual and creative art.

Inside this guide you will find 51 stunning paintings by 32 artists. All the artists have a picture of their art and their “working process” on how they did the painting from beginning to end. Their materials, methods, and work sequence. Every working process is provided with one picture of their work.

They are not intended for you to copy, but to help you produce your own original abstract artwork. There is a lot of information to take in, but do enjoy the learning process.

This guide also allows for the observation of many different styles, methods, colors and applications. The number of beautiful images in this book is stunning.

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A Walk Into Abstracts Vol 6 Painting Techniques and Ideas