A Parent’s Guide For Reversing Autism


A Parent’s Guide For Reversing Autism


The diagnosis or suspicion that your child has autism or pervasive developmental disorder can be overwhelming and of course hugely stressful for you and other members of your family. With a determined effort from a parent or guardian however, your child’s symptoms can be reversed. A noticeable difference is often seen in a short period of time, with amazing, sometimes miraculous long term results.

Introducing… A Parent’s Guide For Reversing Autism

The A Parent’s Guide For Reversing Autism is the culmination of 10 years of research, experimentation and life experience as the mother of a previously autistic child.

Not all parents can afford, or have access to early intervention centers or alternative health practitioners who have expertise in treating autistic children.

While best results are usually seen in children under the age of five, the 7 step plan can be applied to any autistic person of any age.

Note to Grandparents: If you are not able to convince the parents to change your grandchild’s diet then giving specific supplements (step 2 and 3) and taking them to other therapies (step 6) will still make a significant difference long term.

Don’t battle for years, stumbling from one therapy to another with no real direction or with any clue as to what works or not.

The younger your child the better the results so get started today!

If you do nothing, one thing is certain, your autistic child will never improve on their own.

Just imagine how relieved you will be as a parent when you finally see that your child is no longer fearful and uncomfortable in social settings. Not only does socialization and behavior improve, but it’s improvement in the little things like regular eye contact, and having delightful conversations with your child. There is nothing better than sharing those special looks of understanding that only a parent and child can have for each other. You just never know, maybe they will even laugh at dad’s jokes!

The A Parent’s Guide For Reversing Autism has An Easy To Follow 7- STEP PLAN (Having the guidance of a suitable health practitioner would be great, however it is not necessary for success).

These are all steps you can do by yourself.

It’s so important that you begin to heal your child at an early age.

The most significant improvements are made with autistic children under the age of 5.

Many books tell you what you need to do but they don’t actually tell you step by step how to do it.

Did you know that your autistic child’s immune system and consequently their intestinal health is out of balance due to genetic factors and environmental triggers. For this reason your child is unable to correctly process some foods which leads to neurotoxins being formed in the digestive system. These neurotoxins travel to the brain and are a significant cause of autistic symptoms in many of our children.

As you may or may not already know, most autistic children have an inability to digest gluten and casein and to absorb nutrients due to inflammation in the gut. Even tiny amounts of gluten/casein can cause harm and neurotoxic behaviors. This means that despite your child having a healthy diet their body and brain are deprived of vital nutrients. The primary treatment for the inability to digest gluten and casein is simply to remove it from the diet completely.

STEP ONE details the gluten free/casein free diet and why it is so important for recovery to begin. It also explains why, after only 6 weeks, a particular type of cow’s milk can be included back into the diet. This milk has a different molecular structure than other milks. You are unlikely to hear about this milk anywhere else in the autistic community as we have been told that all casein is bad. This is simply not true. Your child may be similar to mine and have no reaction to this milk casein whatsoever. I explain how to test your child for this and other food intolerances in step one. If you have a child who is a ‘picky eater’ or skeptical family members, then doing step one correctly will put an end to all that. This diet is strict and has to be done properly or you will not get the results you are longing for. If you follow my recommendations for diet outlined in this chapter you could see significant improvements in your child in as little as a week.

The diet forms the foundation from which your child’s healing can begin.

In STEP TWO What else is needed to help your child improve their intestinal health once their gluten free/casein free diet is stabilized. It is not enough to just modify your child’s diet, you need to start repairing the intestinal health of your child.

To ensure your child’s mind and body continues to heal as much as is possible from the symptoms of autism 16 important additional therapies
for you to trial in the remaining steps are recommended.

Many of these therapies you are unlikely to have heard of but each have merit with proven results in the treatment of autistic symptoms in the short and long term.

Following these seven steps will give your child the most complete recovery from autism that is possible.

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A Parent’s Guide For Reversing Autism