A Little about the Bates Method of Vision Improvement


A Little about the Bates Method of Vision Improvement


The Bates Method refers to eye exercises which were formulated by the Ophthalmologist, William Horatio Bates. William Bates was born in the United States in 1861. He trained and practiced as an ophthalmologist, and also taught ophthalmology at the New York Post Graduate Medical School.

He became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of traditional and orthodox ophthalmology. He suspected that there was another way of vision correction other than prescribing glasses, and that eyes could in fact ‘heal’ themselves.

He eventually gave up traditional Ophthalmology to concentrate on his own private research. This research confirmed his initial suspicions that the majority of eye problems were in fact caused by eye muscle strain which could be easily corrected. He also believed that eye conditions, such as glaucoma and cataracts were often caused by circulatory problems and could be helped by changes in diet.

He formulated the Bates Exercise Method which has enabled thousands of people to regain their sight. This method consists of a number of exercises which enable the eye muscles to relax, and thus limit eye strain. The Palming exercise which involves cupping your eyes with the palms of you hands is an essential part of this exercise method. Bates also believed that Vitamin D was essential for this exercise method and therefore incorporated ‘sunning’ exercises into his exercise regime which involves exposing your eyes to the sun.

The advantages of the Bates Exercise Method are that it is a safe and inexpensive way to correct your vision. Of course as with any exercise method you will need to be dedicated and prepared to spend time each day carrying out the exercises. However the improvement in vision procured when you follow the Bates Method makes the time invested in these exercises definitely worthwhile.

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