A Guide To Start A Cell Phone Retail Business


A Guide To Start A Cell Phone Retail Business


Break Into the Cell Phone Business and Get Your Piece of a Nearly $140 Billion Dollar a Year Industry that Has Been Snubbed as ‘Big Tobacco 2.0’

Precise, Accurate and Professional Steps to Starting a Cell Phone Business.

Are you looking to start a new business?

Do you have a love for electronics?

Do you want complete and detailed information to help you decide if the mobile phone industry is for you?

Would you like a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to walk you through launching your retail business?

By the time you finish reading this message in its entirety, you will be able to get your own cell phone retail business off the ground. Guaranteed!

Starting any business is a difficult task. First, you have to choose what type of business that you want to start. After you have chosen the business you want to start, you have to lay down the foundation to properly get the business off the ground.

Before you can make a sound decision, you need detailed information about the industry, how to break into the industry, and what to expect along your journey as an entrepreneur in that specific field.

No one wants to jump into an industry that is over saturated and that does not have any growth potential because over time you would lose money.


The cell phone industry is a great choice for a business start-up. Nearly 26% of the U.S. population doesn’t own a cell phone. So, there is still growth potential. That means 84% of the population are going to need new devices when their old devices break, as well as add-ons, accessories, assistance, new plans, and to switch plans.

Industry sales are currently nearly $140 billion a year and expected to double in three years. There is plenty of room for growth potential. The great thing about the cell phone industry is that it’s going to grow regardless of what you do. The increased efficiency of running businesses by cell phones, the new abilities offered by cell phones these days, and the increase in wireless only households.

Financial risk is usually the biggest factor holding us back from making the plunge into any venture. In this book. Over 3 Billion Connected and Counting: A Guide to Start a Cell Phone Retail Business takes out the guess work from trying to figure out what’s possible. With enough detailed information, you can make precise and accurate calculations about the money you can expect to make from your cell phone business.

You are aware that starting your own business and being your own boss comes with certain instability. Their may not be a check every week, the same way in working for a traditional employer. There may be long hours and you may be concerned about the hours versus indulging in the personal rewards that are important to you.


Over 3 Billion Connected and Counting: A Guide to Start a Cell Phone Retail Business is designed with serious entrepreneurs in mind.

The older we get, the less likely we are to take a chance at a new business venture. The owners of Mobile Access that I mentioned earlier are still in their twenties. It’s easier to throw caution to the wind when you’re that young. If you are an older or middle-aged entrepreneur and trying to decide what to do with your retirement savings, life savings, a generous amount of money saved, or any amount of money, this book is perfect to help you determine if the money you have will be enough to launch your own cell phone business.

There is no excuse for not investigating the industry further. All the information you need is right here.

Even Google wants to make their impression on the cell phone industry. And not just as a web search browser. Google is soon to offer cell phones and cell phone service.

A new company, Sonopia, was started by Juha Christensen, a Symbian founder and the former head of Microsoft’s mobile division, because the founder saw the extensive growth potential in this exciting industry.

The Continued Economic Promise of Wireless Technology

Cell phones have had and are having a massive impact on the productivity of the entire U.S. economy. Mobile voice services generated productivity gains to the U.S. economy worth $28 billion per year.

According to a recent study by Roger Entner, commissioned by the CTIA, the Wireless Association, by 2016, the value of the combined mobile wireless voice and broadband productivity gains to the U.S. economy $427 billion per year – will exceed today’s motor vehicle manufacturing and pharmaceuticals industries combined.

They also estimate that productivity gains will generate almost $860 billion in additional GDP over the next decade. Can you live comfortably on a fraction of a fraction of that much money?

Cell phones will create:

• Faster and more efficient decision-making
• Reduction of unproductive travel-time
• Significant improvements in logistics
• Empowering small businesses

If you live any of these top 5 cellular service states, and you consider yourself an entrepreneur, you have no choice but to get this book:

1. California
2. New York
3. Florida
4. Texas
5. Illinois

Molly Wood, senior editor of CNET.com called the mobile phone industry ‘Big Tobacco 2.0’ because of its impact on the economy. It’s gaining so much financial strength that it’s expected to eclipse industries like the pharmaceutical industries and the car manufacturers.

This eBook tells you exactly how to start a cell phone business. Very thorough research has been done to give precise, accurate and professional steps to starting a cell phone business.

This eBook includes:

  • Where to start (Start with the steps) Detailed and precise!
  • What franchise
  • Budget to starting a cell phone business
  • Grants for cell phone businesses
  • Online or retail store?
  • List of needed resources to get started
  • Things to consider before trying starting a cell phone business
  • How cell phone business owners get paid

This is not a “get-rich quick” guide. You’re not going to be able to start your own mobile phone store in minutes. This book is designed only for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business that has longevity and growth potential.

There’s no fluff – No hype – No sales pitch talk in this guide. This guide propels you step-by-step from business concept to how you can reach these customers and get a part of this substantial business industry.

– 84% of the population
– 255.4 million subscribers
– 138.9 billion U.S. cell phone market
– Wireless only households make up about15.8% 0f the country

122 billion cell phone units were sold in 2006. And the cell phone industry expects to sell 4 billion handsets by 2010. This book is a plan to be a part of this fattening cash cow.

There is even a growth expectation for mobile phone content. Initially the numbers looked bleak for mobile content. With the emergences of more reputably content producers, the industry has grown significantly. Mobile content set for growth:

– Estimated to hit 37.5 billion in 2010
– Mobile messaging spending will account for $15 billion in 2010
– Mobile entertainment spending will reach $15 billion by 2010
– Spending on information services will total $7.5 billion in 2010

Do you want in? Would it make you happy to pocket some of that money? What could you do with income that comes from your very own business? (Other than smile from ear to ear with pride).

There doesn’t seem to be a slow period expected for the mobile phone industry because of users enjoying the features. Increase use in features like these are helping the industry grow:


Industry poised for battle against the Iphone and Google’s pending cell phone business. There is going to be all kinds of money thrown around. When companies battle, consumers win.

When consumers feel like they are getting a benefit, they go out and spend more money. They could be on their way to your cell phone store.

All these cell phones create more trash we have to throw away when they are no good or repairs when there is a sentimental value. There are options to offer Cell phone recycling services and repair services at your business. The options are endless.


What More Can I Expect From Over 3 Billion Connected and Counting: A Guide to Start a Cell Phone Retail Business?

The Insider Secrets:

  • What’s a Master Dealer and how much commission does the Master Dealer pay?
  • How do you do business with the major cellular service providers?
  • Is the wholesale price of the phones subsidized?
  • How competitive are the wholesale price of the phones?
  • How well stocked are they at the warehouse?
  • Is the warehouse close to my store?
  • What kinds of phones do they stock at the warehouse?

Expenses for Inventory:

  • What are the shipping costs?
  • Do they offer any incentives to lower the shipping costs?
  • What are the people that work at the warehouse like?
  • Does the hour of operation of the warehouse work out for me?
  • Inventory Purchase Requirements and Payment Policies
  • Do they have a minimum order of phones that we have to order?
  • Would they let me buy on credit?


  • Should I start my store online?
  • Should I look for a brick-and-mortar location?
  • Which is a better choice for me? Online vs. Offline business?

You Won’t Find This Information in the Library… And it Will Take you Several Months to a Year to Gather All the Information Covered in this eBook

The mobile phone industry is a very new and very closely guarded industry. Some of the information you need to get a business started is very hard to come by. Information is your number one resource. Otherwise, you’re blindly investing your money. You don’t have the resources of the information to get the business started.

Can you tell me right now what a Master Dealer is? If you have to think about that question or you have no idea what I’m talking about, you aren’t ready to start a cell phone business. That’s why this book is so important.

Master Dealers will be your:

Commission processor
Customer service expert
Provide you with posters, brochures, paper contracts
Cell phone inventory
Activation system
Pay you commissions
Basic training and support

All the information you need… All the questions you need answers… Strategies to complies an effective business plan… all right here in Over 3 Billion Connected and Counting: A Guide to Start a Cell Phone Retail Business

An Informed, Intelligent Leap Into Profitable Technology

Do you want to know what you could be making in 5 years from your very own cell phone store? With Over 3 Billion Connected and Counting: A Guide to Start a Cell Phone Retail Business determining a financial plan and detailed goal is easier than ever.

Included in Over 3 Billion Connected and Counting: A Guide to Start a Cell Phone Retail Business to help you develop a financial and business plan.

  • Things to consider before trying starting a cell phone business
  • How cell phone business owners get paid
  • How much you can expect to get paid
  • How to go about getting cell phones
  • Why start a cell phone business
  • Do you need good credit to start a cell phone business?
  • Trade shows
  • Best way to find vendors
  • Do you need to know how to repair cell phones?
  • About master agents and sub agents

Most importantly, you need to know what’s going to bring in the cash. You will have the understanding of what elements of the business you need to implement to fully realize the potential of the cell phone industry. These important money-makers include:

– New 1 or 2 year contract activation
– Feature add-ons or contract extensions
– Prepaid activation & prepaid sales
– Accessory & hardware sales

Over 3 Billion Connected and Counting: A Guide to Start a Cell Phone Retail Business doesn’t stop there. It even explains and walks you through the factors that effect the amount money you will make from the aforementioned money-makes.

– Price plans you contract the customers at
– Price of phone that you sell your customers
– Contract period (1 or 2 years)
– Any features added to the contract

Prepaid phone hardware sales and prepaid card or airtime sales are big business for a select number of wireless service providers. How does that translate into cash for your retail business? It’s all here.

Online stores fronts eliminate the tens of thousands of dollars needed to start a retail location, the long-term lease agreements and the several months to get up and running. But does this limit your growth potential? Will you be taken seriously as a business owner? Should you start on line and test the market, then move forward to a offline retail location?

Answer all your question in Over 3 Billion Connected and Counting: A Guide to Start a Cell Phone Retail Business.

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A Guide To Start A Cell Phone Retail Business