80% Have “Faked It” – How to Tell If Your Woman Does


80% Have “Faked It” – How to Tell If Your Woman Does


Have you ever been privy to two different sides of a story?

He said: “The bomb exploding movie was the best film this decade”

She said: “I couldn’t wait for that bomb exploding movie to be over”

He said: “The punk looked at the size of my fist and ran away as fast as he could”.

She said: “When the fight was about to start the police showed up so the guy quickly exited”.

What you don’t often hear are both sides of the bedroom stories.

But you can be certain that your perception is not always the reality.

When 80% of women admit to faking it – it is because you are not nearly as good as you think you are. They simply want it to be over.

Try this technique so you will never be “faked out” again.

Women’s #1 fantasy in the bedroom is to be expertly eaten out which can give them wave after wave of full-body Os.

Yet, they claim that less than 20% of their lovers have that skill.

Worse, most of them do it so badly they fake coming just to get it over with.

Learn how to hypnotize with your tongue

You probably already know that the artistic “lick” is the number one way to bring any woman into full O hysteria.


If you can learn the golden tongue techniques that send electrical impulses up and down any woman’s body then you can have your woman warming up your bed ANY TIME you want.

Of course any old lick won’t do and when you discover what that perfect “sweet spot” is, it can be a killer to keep your tongue wagging in that one place for minutes while she is overcome by wave after wave of enraptured pleasure.

Here’s a hint: instead of moving your tongue back and forth when it is tired, keep your tongue still and move your head back and forth.

I learned that neat little trick (among dozens of others) from renowned sexpert Michael Webb.

Done expertly (less than 20% of men are true experts at this) oral pleasuring can bring any woman into the deepest and highest state of arousal.

Done poorly it can sour her mood instantly.

You may have seen Michael Webb on NBC News, Oprah, CBS Morning Show or one of 500 other TV or radio stations he has been on.

I thought I was a master of the tongue but I learned quite a few “eye rolling back in the head” techniques from this site.

CLICK on the link below to learn fake-proof tongue techniques: