8 Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend


8 Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

By Kajay Williams


Some ladies — especially those who have been cheated on by their one-time boyfriends — would tell you that trust is much more important in a relationship than love. In any event, loss of one’s trust can easily erode the love in any relationship.

Loss of one’s trust does not even mean catching your boyfriend red-handed. A mere whisper of a doubt in the faithfulness of your partner can undermine whatever security you feel in your relationship. So before the doubt gnaws at you any further, read on to find out exactly the signs of a cheating boyfriend.

1. Go back to the root cause of your nagging thoughts.

Why do you have this disconcerting feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you? Did some likely evidence jump at you at an unguarded moment such as another woman’s perfume? A lipstick smear? An errant text message?

At this early stage, an outright confrontation may not be the best idea. But that doesn’t mean you’ll keep quiet about this. A little digging may bring out the next sign – if your boyfriend is indeed cheating on you.

2. Confront your boyfriend “innocently”.

Even the most glaring of proofs can have an innocent explanation. Accusing your boyfriend based on one observation may result to only two things: if he’s guilty, he can deny it easy enough and be more careful the next time around; if he’s not guilty, he’ll resent you always for your mistrust.

What I meant about confronting him innocently is to make a casual remark about the “evidence” that made you suspicious. Say, for example, a woman’s perfume on his shirt – play the guileless girlfriend for his benefit and ask him if he’s wearing a different scent, making a remark about how it doesn’t smell familiar.

3. Then watch how he reacts.

An innocent boyfriend can very well give you a blank look and a “Huh?” while a guilty one will always be on tenterhooks because he knows that he can get caught anytime. He will either take up the reason you offer him or trip all over himself to give some lame explanation he makes up along the way.

Or then again, he would just as casually lie through his teeth without you knowing any better. In any case, the case of your possibly cheating boyfriend is not yet closed so you need to dig up for more signs.

4. Who is that calling your boyfriend?

If your boyfriend has always taken his business or family calls where you can hear him, then this is a no-brainer giveaway. A cheating boyfriend will need to take the call from his other woman away from where you might hear his side of the conversation. So if your boyfriend starts excusing himself whenever he’s got a call, that should get your alarms blaring.

That or he would just not take the call. Guys do know when they act suspiciously but they cannot always dictate the calls coming from the third party. So when that call does come, they’ll just choose not to pick it up giving some excuses to the tune of “my caller ID didn’t recognize the number, probably a wrong one”. But do they go out a few minutes later to make a call? Or send a text message seconds from the missed call? Then that’s almost as clear a sign as the other.

5. His phone will be bodily attached to him 24/7.

Apart from closely guarding his mobile phone, he will never be far away from his laptop. If a boyfriend is really cheating, he wouldn’t dare leave both phone and laptop where you can freely access them for fear that his other girl might call or text or shoot him an email while he was busy elsewhere.

As to his laptop, he might let you borrow it provided you log on using a different account than his. If you suddenly encounter a host of passwords and security checks when you want to access the contents of his inboxes – that should make you wonder why.

6. His thumb is quite busy on his phone’s keypad.

While text messages do leave behind some sort of trail, sending and receiving them would appear less suspect than a call and so becomes a preferred mode of communicating between clandestine lovers. So long as a cheating boyfriend does not forget to erase the text messages, he feels he is less likely to get caught.

You need not try and steal his phone to know whether he’s cheating or not. If indeed he is cheating, his phone will be closely guarded and he would have erased all the incriminating messages. But notice how often your boyfriend is texting – and how quick he is to reply. Both of these are clear signs that someone on the other line is exciting him more than you.

7. He will lavish you with attention… when he does choose to pay attention to you.

One moment your boyfriend is ignoring you completely — and the next he is all over you like a bee over honey. He couldn’t be cheating on you if he is this lovey-dovey, right? Well, wrong. A cheating boyfriend typically overcompensates. For one, he feels that you won’t be on to his amorous affair if he pays you extra attention; mostly, though, he is also trying to ease his guilt feelings.

It may not be rare for a guy to cheat but it is rare for a cheating partner not to feel even slightly guilty or ashamed. Lavishing you with gifts and taking you out on romantic dates may help him to ease that guilt. It even makes him feel like he deserves his other “plaything”, with him being good to you.

8. Or he will not.

A cheating boyfriend can play the role of the world’s best boyfriend… or be the exact opposite. Sometimes, a boyfriend would not want to hide that he is cheating. You will have all the signs he would want you to read. The real message here is that he wants out… and he wants you to be the one to do it.

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