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8 Ball Secrets Gude – Billiards Instruction & Pool Lessons


Stun Your Friends, Humiliate Your Opponents, and Take Your 8-Ball Game to An All New Level Using These Proven Techniques That Are Guaranteed to Turn Good Players Into Great Ones

How would you like to start each and every game you play with a “certain knowledge” that you have every single advantage possible over your opponent?

And what if you knew about all the little subtleties that drastically affect everyone’s game that you could use to almost instantly become a dominating pool player in your area?

Would you use this newfound knowledge in good competitive fun…or for making money hand over fist?

If you’re a good player now…even a mediocre one…you can quickly become virtually unbeatable using an easy to follow system that’s proven to take all levels of 8-ball players to brand new heights.

And it won’t take months or even years to get to the point where you’re a feared competitor…in fact, with an open mind and a little bit of practice, you can dominate the game in just a few short weeks.

You see, nearly 99% of pool players lack a complete understanding of the game. They play the same no matter what table they’re on, no matter who they’re playing, or what strategy their opponent is using counting only on luck and not on strategy and knowledge.

They lack an understanding of how the balls move and how playing conditions (things as minor as table nap, chalk, and cue tip shape) can negatively affect their ability to win consistently.

Hence, they’re never able to move from mediocre or good play up to the level we like to call, mastered.

But the fact is, there isn’t any magic to gaining such an advantage…or a complete edge…over your opponent. We’re all physically equipped with what we need to become virtually unbeatable players…but so many of us fail to ever “unlock” our hidden potential for various reasons.

And more likely than not, you’re probably not even aware of what’s keeping you from becoming great!

But that can all change…and it can all change right now. All you have to do is decide that now is the time you want to elevate your game from good to great…

And if you can make that decision right now, you’re going to be well on your way to becoming a dominating player in just a matter of a few short weeks.

Dominate the Game

Becoming a dominating player has nothing to do with learning all those low percentage shots. It has to do with a solid foundation of the game…aiming & ball movement, shots, strategy, position, and the little-know subtleties of the game…

Along with a simple, easy to learn system for bringing it all together.

And once you combine your “new” foundation with and easy to follow system and a few proven secrets on how to resolve the problems in your game you have now, you’ll have a recipe for quickly becoming a consistent contender while you master the game and transform yourself into a virtually unbeatable player.

And as incredible as this all sounds, you’ll be amazed at the system’s simplicity and all the “I never knew that” information that the system is built around.

A True “Insider’s” Guide to Mastering 8-Ball

The rock-solid foundation, the tips, tricks, techniques…and the secrets of professional pool players have all been compiled into a comprehensive pool playing system that guarantees to turn any level of player into unbeatable players. It’ll take you only weeks, because everything you’ll ever need to know is jammed into a single, easy to follow guide.

Instead of buying 10-20 guides on pool, you can get everything you need to know, right here in just one…Think of it as a shortcut to becoming a master of your art…from finger-painter to icasso in just a few short weeks!


Clear and concise diagrams within 8ball secrets

Introducing…  8 Ball Secrets Guide – Billiards Instruction & Pool Lessons


8 Ball Secrets Guide – Billiards Instruction & Pool Lessons is completely devoid of fluff and filler. Instead, it’s nearly 100 pages of completely practical and usable information.And everything is covered…the basics, shots, position, strategy, banks, cue ball control, practice drills, and mental aspects along with countless tips, tricks, techniques, and secrets known only to professional pool players.

Really, all you need to become a consistent contender is this book and a little practice. To improve you have to put in the practice and work at your game, otherwise you will remain an average player. If you want it to be easy, go and play bingo instead.

And it is written in way that you can make a few small changes right away and see immediate improvement!

Each diagram comes with specific instruction on hitting angle, English, follow and power.

So What Exactly is It?

8 Ball Secrets Guide – Billiards Instruction & Pool Lessons is a comprehensive, instantly downloadable, “living” guide that 100% guarantees to dramatically improve your game. It’s jam-packed with nothing but practical, usable advice and countless tips, tricks, techniques, and secrets that will make you virtually unbeatable in the game of 8-ball.

Simply put, it is an incredible resource that’s been proven to unlock your hidden potential and turn good…even mediocre players…into virtually unbeatable ones. You will have to train and work hard, there are no shortcuts to get quick results with no training.

Take a look at what you’ll find inside:

  • Discover the foundation you should have learned when you first started—the eye-opening information found in the first chapter sets the tone for the book and instantly gets you excited about learning all those things you missed.
  • Learn how to tell what strategy your opponent is using against you—once you know what the opposition is thinking (and why), you gain an immediate, decisive, and unbeatable edge over them.
  • Learn how to make those “tough” shots you used to never even consider.
  • Discover simple things you can do that encourage…even forces your opponent to make BIG mistakes. Even a few little mistakes you cause for your opponent means great things for your game. Start putting these to work and you’ll become a feared player by all.
  • See everything in full color illustration—easy to grasp shots and concepts – full color “close-up” illustrations that you can use to practice and master quickly and easily
  • Learn the closely guarded secrets of positional play. Never let anyone run the table on you again. You’ll learn how to predict ball behavior so that you’ll ALWAYS be the one running the table on your opponent.
  • Master your shots—we’re all physically equipped to make any shot we see. The secret, however, is a little bit of physics knowledge. You’ll get a crash course on physics through beautifully illustrated diagrams that’ll turn those once “tough” shots into child’s play.
  • Discover the deeper secrets and how to control your opponent. This material is some of the reader’s favorites. Watch how a few “innocent” moves by you will make your opponent’s knees tremble and then watch as their game take a turn for the worst…all using a few “mind” tricks.
  • Learn what’s holding you back. You’ll learn EXACTLY what’s keeping you from rising above your current level…and once you discover what’s holding you back now, you’ll get the tips, tricks, and techniques to turning things around so you can start dominating the game.
  • Practice drills—you’ll get an array of practice shots to work on. Master these and your game will follow, making you a feared competitor who consistently beats their opponents.
  • Learn the secrets of the cue tip and chalk—most players don’t even bother with this information, but you’ll learn all there is to know about the very important relationships and how each could be negatively affecting your game!
  • Find out how different table surfaces (cloth and nap) affect every shot you make. Once you know how to read the table surface, you’ll be able to adjust your play accordingly and you’ll gain an incredible edge over your opponent.
  • Get some great tips on how to gauge surface to determine what you’re dealing with. If you’re the only one to notice a certain roll, you become unbeatable!
  • Discover the secrets of table speed. Every table reacts to speed differently. If you’re using the same speed on different tables, your game is being affected. You’ll learn how to gauge table speed and instantly gain an ENORMOUS advantage in competitive play.
  • Learn how to determine what type of player you’re up against and how to use their weaknesses against them. When you can force your opponent to take only the shots you want them to take, you become feared by all!
  • Become an expert on body language. Learn how to listen what your opponent’s body language is telling you and use it to your advantage. It’s like crawling into their head and knowing exactly what’s going on inside.
  • Learn all there is to know about the break—you’ll instantly see a 100% improvement on your break once you finish this comprehensive chapter. There is simply no more comprehensive or more detailed information on the break then you’ll find in this guide (aiming, rack, ball polish, body movement, timing, cue weight, breathing, rhythm, and more!).
  • Using logic, concentration, discipline, and mind-control to leave you opponents in the dust.
  • Learn how to maximize your positional skills and master your art!
  • Discover my closely guarded secret of “memory position method.” This is “hands-down” the fastest way to learn positional skills and a huge advantage over your opponents.
  • Get tons of “insider” tips, tricks, secrets and strategies that virtually guarantee a winning game.
  • Included is a complete glossary of pool related terms and definitions.
  • Learn how to use this guide for maximum effectiveness—become an unbeatable player through goal setting and progress building, following the easy to use system and checklist that guarantees to bring you from good to great…all in record time!

8 Ball Secrets Guide – Billiards Instruction & Pool Lessons also answer the top ten questions posed by readers, with great detail so you’re guaranteed to skyrocket your skills:

  • How to play better long shots
  • How to straighten cue stroke
  • How to aim better
  • How to control cue ball speed
  • How to become more accurate when playing bank shots
  • How to better understand the use of English
  • How to stop from moving when you’re down on your shot
  • How to play better during tournaments
  • How to develop a more fluid stroke
  • How to increase the effect of a draw

Plus, you’ll get detailed information and proper use (including full color diagrams) on:

Combination shots
Cannon shots
Bank shots
Box shots
Playing the break

And, you’ll get great game-winning strategies for each!

And there’s soooo much more covered in this guide…and everything is covered in great detail, so you’ll never be left “hanging” for more information…

And, because this is a “living” guide, if there’s something that’s not covered…or even something that you need more clarification on…all you need to do is contact our friendly and knowledgeable pool playing panel, and we’ll quickly answer any question you have by email.

This is the only “live” book of its kind…meaning it’s constantly being reviewed and updated based on your questions, comments, and concerns in my effort to make this the only book (or video, personal instruction, etc) that you’ll ever need on the game of pool!

And remember, this book is written by an avid player with a love for the sport…not by a researcher or book writer that has lost their passion.

8 Ball Secrets Guide – Billiards Instruction & Pool Lessons is a guide for pool players by pool players!

Tips placed throughout the ebook for all levels of player, beginners to advanced.

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8 Ball Secrets – Billiards Instruction & Pool Lessons