7 Steps to Health Nutrition Guide – Diabetes Diet Medications


7 Steps to Health Nutrition Guide – Diabetes Diet Medications


Last year, team of doctors at the ICTM helped 17,542 type 2 diabetics end the need for prescription drugs, insulin injections and blood sugar monitoring. This year they are on track to help over 30,000 diabetics achieve “the impossible”.

The diabetes-breakthrough you are about to discover is twice as effective as the leading type 2 drug at normalizing blood sugar, fixing insulin resistance, stopping neuropathy pain, preventing blindness, amputations and other diabetes problems. These techniques have been used successfully by tens of thousands of people in over 40 countries and have helped type 2 diabetics eliminate the need for drugs and insulin injections while helping type ones greatly reduce their drug and injection dosages.

Pharmaceutical companies have been suppressing this information for decades. Drug companies stand to lose billions of dollars in profits if diabetics learn the truth about their disease and begin using these cheap and much more effective techniques to reverse their type 2 diabetes, normalize blood sugar and avoid all the horrible diabetes-complications waiting for them down the road.

You can take your-health back into your own hands. You can free yourself from the shackles of constant blood sugar readings, daily drug regimens and even prevent the horrible health-complications that await diabetics down the road.

ICTM have assembled hundreds of suppressed scientific studies and powerful medical research into an easy to read and understand step by step health-guide called “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie”. It has already been used to help tens of thousands of diabetics all over the world.

Learn the truth about these life changing scientifically proven diabetes-treatment methods and embark on the path to kicking your diabetes-butt for good.

It is quite obvious that drugs and injections aren’t helping eliminate-diabetes. As its rates go up: 250% increase in the last few decades, so did big pharma’s profits; profits are up over 200%. The more diabetics in the world, the more money they make by prescribing their drugs.

Isn’t it time to try something else? Something that’s been scientifically proven to work better, faster and is cheaper and safer than prescription drugs. Tried and tested methods that attack its root cause.

ICTM couldn’t just sit there and watch as millions of diabetics suffer their whole lives, waste money on useless treatments, and then still die of horrible complications while the greedy pharmaceutical companies line their pockets with cash.

This is why they have assembled a team of doctors who aren’t on big pharma’s payroll and who have already used these scientifically proven methods to treat many of their own diabetes-patients with enormous success. Created and directed by Max Sidorov K.N, NLP, V.M, they are the International Council for Truth in Medicine (The ICTM).

You deserve to know the truth about our medical system, food and drug system, and health policy. You deserve to be informed about the variety of safer, cheaper and faster methods other than drugs, injections or surgery for treating and beating your diabetes. We’d like to give you this framework of knowledge that you can use to begin your path-to-health today.

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