7 Signs Of A Cheating Girlfriend


7 Signs Of A Cheating Girlfriend

By Kajay Williams


We can often take guys at face value – they rarely have the cunning and subtlety of women who often mean more than what they say. That is why on the aspect of cheating, it would seem more difficult to catch an unfaithful girlfriend than to spot an errant boyfriend.

Some people might even be surprise to learn that girls cheat. Well they do, and cheating girlfriends are not so uncommon nowadays. So how do you know if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

1. Is she communicating with you?

Women are all about communicating – not just talking but having a meaningful conversation. You may not have noticed the distinction in the past but if you are starting to suspect your girlfriend to be cheating, you better listen up.

Recall how she used to talk to you – did she make plans that include you? Does she reveal her feelings about the tidbits she shared with you? Does she seem interested in what you tell her? Compared that with how she talks to you now. If she seems less interested in that meaningful conversation, try and coax it out of her by asking her leading questions. Does she open up or does she seem irritated with all your prying? If it’s the latter, then maybe there’s something very wrong here.

2. Is she talking to someone else?

Is she busier at her phone nowadays than she used to be? Is she taking a call away from you more often? Is she online a lot, even if she is with you? Is she online a lot – and not with you? If it were something as innocent as say preparing for a company or club event, she would offer you an explanation. But if no explanation is forthcoming, then maybe it’s not something she meant for you to know.

3. Is she taking more care about her appearance?

Remember how conscious she was of looking all dolled up for you when you started going out? Every girl goes the extra mile to keep her new man attentive and the most obvious strategy is to look pretty. Knowing she looks her best also gives her a boost of confidence and fashion magazine has drummed it in every woman’s mind that confidence is sexy.

But all that must have gradually waned as she becomes more and more secure in the relationship. If you are seeing a flurry of revival for no apparent reason, then all this exercising and new sexy clothes may be for the benefit of a new love. To look for a clue, go no further than her lingerie closet, a membership at a gym, or the bottles of beauty products that line her bathroom sink.

4. Is she less enthusiastic about a romantic date?

When a girl is being wooed by someone else – and she returns the feeling – she is more and more uncomfortable about public displays of affection with her current beau. If you suspect your girlfriend to be cheating, ask her out on a very romantic date in a very visible or popular place. Does she seem uncomfortable about the idea? Does she suggest a more discreet place? What are her reasons?

Insist on a very public date and if she accepts, note her every action during the date. Act like the perfect romantic and hold and kiss her hand and shower her with compliments. How is she taking all these? If she seems unresponsive, then she may no longer be as into you as she used to. If she’s furtive, then she’s probably wishing she was with someone else.

5. Is she still saying she love you too?

Here’s a trick: hold her hand, look her in the eye, and tell her you love her. How does she react? From previous experience, you might expect her to smile sweetly, tell you she loves you too, and kisses you. Guilty cheating girlfriend, however, won’t be able to lie as well as that and tell you she loves you while looking you straight in the eyes. At best, she’ll look down and mutter she loves you too and pull slowly away giving you some lame excuses about having an exhausting day or whatever.

Still not convinced? Do this a few more times over the course of a few days. If she really is cheating, this will make her feel even more guilty and you’ll have your answer in the way she pulls and turns away from you. Unless your girlfriend is a pretty good actress, she won’t be able to hide her true feelings when you are baring yours.

6. Is she accusing you of cheating?

You know you are innocent but if your girlfriend is seemingly suspicious of your fidelity, then maybe it is her who has something to hide. Is she starting to make a big deal out of the bits of attention you paid other women? It may not be that she’s jealous – especially if she has not always seemed so green-eyed before – but more of a way to hide her guilt about cheating.

Also, if it does turn out that you are also cheating, then the two of you are even. In fact, she may even push you into that direction – anything at all to ease her guilt. And when the time of reckoning is at hand, she can claim that she was not the only one who did wrong.

7. Is she taking a confrontation well?

Here’s a test: confront her. Not the “I know you are cheating on me” kind of confrontation but a more understated one. Tell her that you feel something seems to be bothering her and that you believe it is affecting your relationship.

If she wants out of the relationship, this may be the opening that she’s waiting for. On the other hand, this could be the way forward to easing your fears. Maybe too it could be the first step to repairing the damage done to your relationship – that is if you still want to. Remember that this step could make or break your relationship so do it only when you are ready for the worst.

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