7 Day Raw Detox Diet & Recipes


Remove Toxins and Cleanse your Body from the Inside out to FEEL Refreshed and Re-Vitalized with the Most Unique and Exciting Detox Program in the WORLD!

Introducing… The 7 Day Raw Detox & Recipes


It is a Vegan 7 day detox which means no consumption of processed foods (unless processed by you) no cooked food of any kind and nothing that originates from a living creature including any animals OR insects!

This includes no alcohol, coffee, meat, eggs, cheese, dairy, sugar, cereal, bread, pasta, rice, packet food or anything preserved through a cooking method of any kind.

You will be completely surprised how much food that still leaves when you take a look at our exciting recipes. Any fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, filtered water, herbs, spices, super foods, sprouted greens and lentils, cold pressed oils, raw vegan protein powder and much more.

This Detox has been designed in a way to make it fun to prepare your food with exciting dishes like cauliflower rice sushi rolls and zucchini pesto pasta PLUS a Support group and network unlike any other.

You will be provided with all the recipes, shopping lists, templates, meal planners and more you need to organize your shopping and food for your detox. You will also be invited to join a VIP Support Group on Facebook with other Detox participants with daily motivation and support by the detox crew. We suggest finding a Detox buddy and you will receive videos and video tutorials on how to use your detox tools along with a ton of detox and alkalizing information including FAQs.

Who is this detox for?

People wanting more energy
People wanting to lose weight
People returning from holiday
People wanting to stop feeling bloated
People wanting to create a happier healthier lifestyle for you and your family
People wanting to create healthier eating habits
People who want to eat healthier but don’t where to start
People looking for a change or something new
People who care about your health and Fitness
People wanting to learn about nutrition
Women and Men

+ All your recipes with comprehensive instructions provided. Includes Detox Water Cocktails, Sexy Salads, Berry Delicious Smoothies, Groovy Smoothies, Delicious Dips, Rawsome Meals including Cauliflower Rice Sushi Rolls, Pumpkin Rice Risotto, Zucchini Pasta Marinara and more
+ Your Shopping List ready to print to create your shopping list with the exact amount of ingredients required
+ Your 7 Day Meal Planner with the types of foods to select for your Detox
+ Your 7 Day Meal Planner Template to make all your delicious selections, print and use as your meal by meal plan
+ 15 Minute Video Tutorial showing you step by step how to get started and use ALL your detox tools
+ The 7 days of video logs from the week we personally did the detox so we are there guiding you the whole way
+ Welcome Email with step by step process on what exactly to do next and FAQ’s.
+ The VIP Facebook Support group with the Detox crew available to answer ANY question 24/7 AND all the other participants of the detox
+ The Beach Body Meal Plan, a comprehensive 7 day meal planner to continue your healthy eating post-detox
+ The Beach Body Fitness Plan with a 7 day training routine and instructions which is gender specific
+ The 1 hour video webinar ‘How to alkalize and energize’ explaining the detox and Alkalizing process


7 Day Raw Detox Diet & Recipes