60 Yard Dash Speed Secrets For Baseball Players


60-yard-dash-header60 Yard Dash Speed Secrets For Baseball Players


If you’re a baseball player working towards receiving a college scholarship, increasing your draft-ability, or just looking to earn a roster spot…

If you’ve ever been told that you are too slow or if you’re simply looking to improve your speed so that you stick out more and get noticed by scouts at showcase camps…

then 60 Yard Dash Secrets is for you!

Can Speed Really Be Improved?

ABSOLUTELY! While it is true that some players are born with genetic advantages over others, most run at speeds well below their genetic ceiling. It’s important to understand that running fast is not purely physical. By incorporating proper mental habits, a well-rounded training program, an understanding of the type of run that you are doing, and proper sprinting mechanics, speed for baseball can be improved greatly (and often noticed in the first training session)! However, similar to improving at other baseball skills such as hitting, improving your speed requires very hard work. Incorporating new habits into your running form and base stealing start may not be extremely physically demanding, but it does require a constant attention to detail..

Introducing… “60 Yard Dash Speed Secrets For Baseball Players”

It will show you:

  • How to adjust your steal-start technique to quickly improve your 60 time.
  • Why the 60 yard dash is different than other tests and how to manipulate all of the variables so that they are in your favor.
  • How to improve your running mechanics to not only improve your 60-yard dash, but also your home-to-first time, and base stealing ability.
  • Why your mental habits are much more important than you might think in terms of running and how to actually improve them.

And much, much more…

What Could More Speed Mean to You?

  • More playing time.
  • The ability to appear to be a better hitter. More infield hits = a higher batting average.
  • Perhaps Millions of $$$ if you are able to improve your draft standing.
  • More realistically, a college scholarship – (which for some equates to a total savings of over $100,000).
  • And probably most important… The ability to get to the next level. If it is the deciding factor in determining if you make a pro, college, high-school, or travel ball team, then it gave you the opportunity to make some memories that will last a lifetime!

It will also show you how to film your sprints so that they can be accurately assessed.

Don’t Let the Title Fool You

Even though the main focus of this book is to teach you how to “BEAT” the 60 yard dash, it also covers the following topics as well:

  • An entire chapter on improving your Home-to-First-Time. This test is gaining popularity among scouts because it is usually easier to measure and much more practical than a 60 yard dash.
  • Another chapter dedicated to improving the power of your mind as it pertains to changing bad habits and improving your brain’s processing speed. Obviously, this will not only improve your running form and ability to get better jumps, but will also improve your performance in many other aspects of the game and in life.
  • A complete discussion on the baseball start.
  • Two chapters dedicated to proper running.
  • A summary of other forms of speed in baseball – Specifically how to properly round 1B, first-to-third speed, and stealing 2B and 3B.

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60 Yard Dash Speed Secrets For Baseball Players