6 Tips to Start Making Money with ClickBank


6 Tips to Start Making Money with ClickBank


Tip #1 – Patience. I know people want quick money. Quick money is possible… I’ve seen it again and again, but most succeed by setting small goals and then working toward them. Try to make one sale a day, then two sales a day, then three and so on and so on. If you expect too much, you’ll get frustrated and quit prematurely. Patience is the key to online success.

Tip #2 – Content, content, content. Devote several hours a day to creating quality content. This consists of video, articles, social network pages and, most importantly, blog content. The more content you create, the more affiliate links clicked and the more money you make. Be dedicated to quality content creation!

Tip #4 – Set up your own WordPress blog. The social networks are good sources of traffic, but they change the rules on internet marketers all the time. For example, YouTube bans the promotion of certain affiliate products and they won’t tell you which ones until you’re banned. You can never put your full trust in third-party sites. They’re good for seo, traffic, etc. But never try to build a business on social networks alone. Always have a website you control!
Tip # 5 – SEO. Use the Google Keyword tool to research keywords and keyword program your blog appropriately. Also, get back links to your WordPress blog. From the social networks, articles directories, one way link directories and social bookmarking sites like Digg.com. You can also make quality comments on blogs and get backlinks that way. It’s never advised to comment spam any blog. You’ll only get your comment deleted.

Tip # 6 – Use an affiliate management WordPress plugin. This helps you to easily manage products you want to promote. No more manual entry. No more hand coding.

I recommend CBpress and WordPress together to make money with ClickBank. CBpress is a WP plugin that allows you to import the entire ClickBank marketplace into your WordPress blog in less than 60 seconds! You can add full ClickBank marketplaces or build niche sites. CBpress is fully customizable! You can even add a ClickBank search box to your blog and add non-ClickBank products. This makes running a ClickBank WordPress blog a snap. Discover for yourself by CLICKING on the banner below:


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