6 Shocking Causes of Arthritis You Don’t Know About (But Should)


6 Shocking Causes of Arthritis You Don’t Know About (But Should)


Ask a doctor why you have it and you’ll probably hear a rambling response involving vague phrases like “multiple causes”, “inflammation” and “genetics”.

There’s some truth to the fact that many things contribute to it. But most of these fly under the radar screen of most doctors (and many of their patients).

That’s why I’m shedding light are 6 of its most common (yet unknown) causes:

Smoking: It’s no secret that smoking rips your lungs to shreds. According to research published in Arthritis & Rheumatism, people who smoke have double the risk of developing it than those that “say no to butts.”

How does a pack a day habit make your joints ache? Scientists have found that smoking dramatically escalates your body’s inflammation levels – its underlying cause.

Eating Red Meat: You choose chicken over steak for your heart. But could that occasional breakfast bacon bout lead to it?

Dorothy Pattison of National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society discovered that people who regularly red meat doubled their risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. The saturated fat in red meat seems to bumps up inflammation – leading to it.

Not Enough Vitamin C: People who don’t eat vitamin C rich fruits and veggies are playing Russian roulette with this disorder. Duke University researchers found that people who didn’t get enough vitamin C had higher rates of osteoarthritis – its most common form.

Watching TV: People that watch TV are much more likely to suffer from the extra pounds that often lead to it. Flipping channels actually burns less calories than sleeping. Also, inactive joints are much more susceptible to its “flare ups”.

To prevent it (and obesity) limit your TV watching to an hour or less per day.

Being Alone: Drop by the neighbors house, pick up the phone, or shoot off an email: being socially connected significantly reduces your risk of struggling with severe arthritis.

Researchers at the University of Oxford found that people who were socially isolated tended to have more severe rheumatoid-arthritis than those with a strong social network.

Allergies: Whether you’re allergic to peanuts or pollen, those allergies can make your joints cry out in pain. Allergies make your body’s immune system go haywire – making inflammation spiral out of control.

That’s why people with allergies are much more likely to have arthritis-joints than those who are allergy free.

Knowing its causes is one thing. Doing something about it is something else altogether.

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