50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults


50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults


Introducing… 50FIT BRING ON THE FUTURE! – Fitness Program Older Adults By Fred Schafer, MS, CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer), Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Motivational Speaker and Author.


50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults is out to prove that the “age related” sarcopenia theory and mindset is wrong because it is not the truth. Plus, it is just plain wrong to make millions of people think they are victims of their age.

Yes, there are some obvious aging changes we all eventually experience. But when it comes to the leanness, body composition (ratio of fat to muscle), health, bone strength, energy and functional ability, aging changes are minimal from decade to decade as long as you keep your muscle intact and functionally strong.

Dan Ritchie, PHD and an expert in functional aging points out that “master athletes” in their 60’s and 70’s can usually not match their personal best records from their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. While some master level athletes over 50 actually do surpass their records from their youth, most do lose a step or two in their later years.

The dilemma of “leaking” muscle

You see, as your muscle leaks a little each day you become a little weaker, a little less energetic and a little slower in your movements. As this happens, your metabolism slows which means your body burns less calories each day which means that the muscle you are leaking is now slowly being replaced by body fat unless you are also reducing calories more each day.

Muscle tissue does not change into fat tissue. That is physically impossible. What can happen though is that muscle tissue can be replaced by fat tissue. Especially if you keep eating the same amount as you were.

But as you leak muscle you are not only a little weaker, less energetic and slower, but also feeling less youthful and growing fatter or at least flabbier and softer (less toned) than you were a week ago.

And though you know you should probably get some physical activity or exercise, each day that your muscle leaks away you feel less and less like getting up and moving. Think of it this way. Your muscle is the physical power source and life force of the body. As you let it leak away each day, you are slowly losing your power.

50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults will stop muscle leaking cold in its tracks as well as give you a ton of other cool-fitness, health and wellness benefits. In fact, you will be positively shocked at how much more incredible you look and feel in just 28 days of following the 50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults lifestyle prescription program.

Or, you can choose to pay another co-pay at the doctor’s office, pop another pill, add another artificial body part or get another adjustment. Those solutions may give you some temporary relief and benefit.

50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults will give you long term, possibly permanent, benefits.

And, you won’t have to kill yourself with overly demanding long and boring work-outs or overly restrictive food choices!

Here’s What 50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults will do for you!

  • It is not another weight loss or diet program. It is an all inclusive “lifestyle prescription program” that improves your body composition (reduces fat/preserves lean, healthy and attractive muscle), your health (avoid/reduce chronic disease and pain) and your performance (mobility, stamina, range of motion, energy, activity ability).
  • It is an all encompassing yet brief work-out. It improves your core, your strength, your energy systems (heart, lungs, arteries and blood vessels) and movement quality. Most other fitness-programs are focused on improving only one of these factors and many of them (such as a treadmill) do a pretty crappy job as far as measurable results go!
  • It incorporates a sensible and sustainable nutrition format and motivational mind-set tools you can use for not just 28 days of success, but for the rest of your life!

Benefits of 50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults

  • 50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults will move you to drop 10 pounds of body fat in 28 days.
  • Have the body of your youth again. You can reverse the clock and look 10 years younger as your waist shrinks and your body regains a lean & fit youthfulness.
  • Be able to improve your-fitness with an enjoyable, time-friendly lifelong system that can be done at the gym or at home in your pajamas with zero or minimal equipment.
  • Move with the beauty, grace, strength and power of a puma by using full body, functional metabolic strength training. This is the most effective fitness method known for dropping excess body fat and adding youthful muscle and years of enjoyable life.
  • Look more attractive than you have in a long time. Maybe better than ever!
  • Avoid/reduce the deadly Metabolic Syndrome which threatens your life! The blend of your abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high blood glucose and elevated triglycerides is a more likely predictor of coronary vascular disease than diet or genetics alone.>
  • Fight damaging belly fat hormones that destroy your cellular health.
  • Fortify yourself against the ravages of unhealthy and depressing stress!
  • Feel a surge of energy as stress hormones flee your body and beta endorphins flood your brain to elevate your mood and boost your spirit with a happier outlook on your day and life.
  • Reverse type II diabetes. Yes, you can possibly be less dependent on or even eliminate drugs to treat type II diabetes!
  • Possibly extend your life by 10 active, full enjoyable years (you will learn how and why in the 50Fit Bring on the Future! – Fitness Program Older Adults program).
  • Be truly excited about the “second half century” of your life as you begin to comprehend that most of what we are told about aging and health is mediocre and that we can be physical “rock stars” into our 90’s without medications, surgeries, expensive equipment, gym memberships, personal training (money well spent if your trainer is good, but here you’ll learn more and better than most of them for a fraction of the cost!)
  • Look better in your jeans. Your butt should be the strongest muscle on your body. When it is strong and conditioned, it not only looks better and firmer, but (no pun intended) it will power-ize your whole physique and persona. Plus, building a strong healthy butt is one of the best ways to eliminate back pain. A strong butt is a happy butt!
  • Start on finally getting your six pack abs. If you have never had six pack abs, you may be able to make that happen in 28 days. However, it will likely take a bit longer depending on how far you have to go and how well you follow this program. You will, however, make noticeable progress to your six pack abs in the next 28 days if you follow this program!
  • Strengthen your weak and painful knees, back, hips and shoulders so you can live free to participate in all of the great adventuresome activities that life has to offer. All of these issues are due in part to a de-conditioned, weak body. You can overcome that. The body is one comprehensive connected together system. If your knees hurt for example, that is a clue that overall your physical systems need some work!
  • Reduce your risk of cancer and other life threatening, debilitating diseases.
  • Lower your resting heart rate, strengthen your heart and reduce your chances or heart disease or heart attack.
  • Be more injury resistant as you “bullet proof” your joints, ligaments, bones and muscles so that when you fall or jar your body you can better endure trauma with less chance of the drama of broken bones and having to sit on the sidelines of life for weeks or months.
  • Reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol naturally with less dependence on pharmaceutical drugs and their less than enjoyable side effects.
  • Improve your hormonal profile. For men, improve testosterone and growth hormone without having to take any prescription drugs or bogus supplements. For women one of the best ways to improve your hormone health is to strengthen your body. No worries, you won’t look like a man. Marilyn Monroe was the first women to use strength-training to improve her body and her health and we would all agree she did not look like a man!
  • Improve your confidence in all physical activities and sports and every area of your life.
  • Improve your posture, power and presence. Walk with greater confidence and charisma.
  • Tones your muscles, which looks great and raises your basal metabolism, which causes you to burn more calories 24 hours a day. You’ll even burn more calories while you’re sleeping!
  • Reverse the natural decline in your metabolism that begins around age 30.
  • Be more energized. Energy is developed in your muscle cells.

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