5 Steps to Remember in Raising Baby Rabbits


5 Steps to Remember in Raising Baby Rabbits


Raising baby rabbits is actually kind of hard as they are delicate. Lack of proper information would push a new owner to accidentally kill the them, even if he/she has taken care of adult bunnies before. If your doe happens to give birth to cute infants, then there are things that you need to remember so that you can effectively raise them.

Follow these methods carefully.

1. Try to observe the doe with her infants. At the first few days, we must not do anything to then but observe. Unlike cats and dogs, bunny moms would just feed their infants once a day, and most of the time, they will be away from them. We can think that the doe have abandoned her litters but actually, she did not. It is just instinctive for the mothers not to be close to the nest of her infants as this method would keep predators away. So if it is ignoring them, then do not panic. So long as she feeds them once a day, they will be fine.

2. Ensure that they are placed indoors and away from the rain or extreme cold weather. The infant bunnies do not have that thick fur yet to protect themselves so we must keep them from getting cold or getting wet. Placing them in hutches would be a no-no, so better yet, set-up a temporary lair inside the house. In case the weather is really cold, such as the one we experience during the winter season, a heating pad would always come useful. Just switch the heating pad off when the mother is inside the pen as she herself would provide her infants the warmth they need.

3. Handle the infants extra carefully. We cannot prevent anyone, even ourselves, in handling them as they are really cute. However, we must keep in mind that mishandling of the infants can cause some of their bones to break or worse, their early death. If we are going to hold them, just hold it at a time, and use both hands to keep it warm. Also hold them under carpets and quilts and do not hold them more than a half meter high from the floor. Never make toddlers handle an infant bunny unless they are already two weeks old.

4. Allow the safety of your pets in their cages. When you are raising infants, do a regular check of the cages twice a day. See if the pens are soiled or moist. They are susceptible to bacteria since their immune system is not that good yet. Also see if they have tendencies of falling out of their houses. They can be already active after a few days so you might see some coming out of their pens.

5. Feed them when they are a little old. When they are already a month old, they can be gradually introduced to solid food like carrots and other veggies. But of course you should give them in small amounts. However, grass hay can be fed unlimitedly to your infants. At this age, they can rely on the food you are giving them and can let go of the milk their mom is nourishing them. Do not make them overeat as they can be obese at a young age.

Remember these 5 steps and watch your bunnies hop their way to maturity.

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