5 Solutions to Irregular Menstrual Periods During Perimenopause


5 Solutions to Irregular Menstrual Periods During Perimenopause


Perimenopause is the period in our life where everything seems to go wrong. This is because our bodies are experiencing a major transformation in hormone production. The main hormones that are involved are the sex hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, that are produced by our ovaries. They are responsible for fertility, ovulation and regulating our menstrual period.

When the body produces varying levels of estrogen and progesterone, it’s natural to expect that our periods will become irregular. For some women, irregular periods are accompanied by mild to severe PMS, and even the amount of menstrual bleeding can vary from very light to frighteningly heavy.

Irregular menstrual periods can be disruptive, especially if it is accompanied by severe PMS and heavy bleeding. To help manage these symptoms, I have identified 5 natural solutions you can use to your menstrual woes. Before you try any of these, I would strongly advise that you seek the opinion of your doctor – this is to make sure that you do not have any pre-existing medical condition or are not taking any medication or substances that can interact negatively with these remedies.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is an herb that contains properties that mimic the activity of the hormones in our body. It helps to relax the uterine muscles, which acts to decrease and regulate menstrual bleeding. It is also used to help relieve PMS.

Flax seed

Flax seed is considered a “super” plant because its healing properties is used to treat a variety of symptoms. Flax seed is rich in essential fatty acids which is an important component of a healthy diet. This allows it to help in the prevention of heart disease and cancers.

When it comes to treating perimenopause symptoms, flax seed acts by blocking prostaglandins, which is a substance in our body that contributes to excessive bleeding. For best results, flax seeds should be taken in its unrefined form.

Parsley Tea

Parsley is rich in vitamins A, B and C. It is recommended to relieve pain during your menstrual cycle. Depending on the severity of your PMS, you may take 2 to 5 cups to alleviate your symptoms. Not advised for pregnant women or those with kidney problems.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a Chinese herb that’s used to help women achieve hormonal balance. It’s been used to help regulate irregular periods, relieve menstrual cramps and enhance fertility.

Dong Quai contains plant sterols, which are similar to the estrogen. If your period is too light or too heavy, this herb may be used to restore a normal volume.

Black Haw

This herb may come it tea of table form. It helps prevent excessive bleeding and cramping during periods by relaxing the uterine wall muscles. It contains two types of phytochemicals – scopoletin and aesculetin – which works as uterine relaxants.

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