5 Important Tips On Caring For Rabbits


5 Important Tips On Caring For Rabbits


Caring for rabbits is just like caring for humans; you need to exert time, effort and love for them. It’s not as simple as feeding them anything you can find, cleaning their cages and providing them just any toys. It sounds like a meticulous and tedious work but actually, it is rewarding. Watching your bunnies running around their cages bring us a feel of relaxation and enjoyment.

It’s not really that difficult to take care of them; you just need devotion in order to perform the tasks well and take these tips by heart.

Tip #1: Do not let live your bunnies alone.

They are very sociable. They easily get depressed when they are not given attention so buying them in pairs would be a good solution. If you do not fancy them to multiply, better neuter (for males) or spay (for females) them. Some are very protective of their territory but this fact must not stop you from making them sense that they are not alone. Dividers in their lairs would give them an impression that they have companions that cannot occupy their area.

Tip #2: Provide a playground for them.

Owners are also busy people. Since it is not guaranteed that you always have free time to play with them, you should at least set up a play area for them. The most common culprit for having obese bunnies is their lack of exercise. A secluded play pen is also advisable if you just want them to run on the floor for more space. Research also shows that bunnies that get to play regularly are happier than those who don’t.

Tip #3: Maintain their healthy condition.

It would be useless if you skip on their health. Bunnies must be vaccinated too. You must bring them to the veterinarian to have them immunized against common illnesses like viral haemorrhagic disease and myxomatosis. Have them checked by your vet regularly; at least once a month. Keep them tidy at all times, especially during the summer season. This season is humid and its fur becomes an inviting breeding areas for flies so you must check the furs and the tail of your bunnies twice a day.

Tip #4: Feed them well and feed them right.

Food is a necessity among all living things, but of course, we must follow a diet that would meet the correct dietary allowances for each living organisms. Its diet is technically must be high in fiber. Long fiber aids to fortify their digestive system and allows them to grind food well too, so give them grass hay. Feed them food and veggies too, but be careful since not every fruits and veggies are good for them. Pellets can be given to your bunnies but in strict amounts only. Lastly, the main rule is to always stick to naturals.

Tip #5: Choose a comfortable lair for your pets.

Most bunnies would be kept in their cage 80% of their lives so it is important to opt for a house that would make them comfortable. It is not bad to make them live in a hutch, but there are some research that says they have shorter life span when they live outdoors as the issue of security bothers them. Allowing them to live indoors in a cage would present them an idea that they are living in a protected place with their owners. As for the space, ensure that they can make three hops inside their house. Also see that their ears would not reach the ceiling of the house when they are standing. A bigger home is needed if you are taking care of three or more bunnies.

Taking care of rabbits is not easy as you need to a lot some moments for them on your schedule. But it is truly a satisfying experience especially when those fuzzy animals look at you using their cute button eyes.

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