4 Day Fat Loss – Burn Body Fat Naturally


Presenting: 4 Day Fat Loss – Burn Body Fat Naturally


The Insider Secret to finally allow you to melt away body fat, keep all of it off and live your life in your dream body.

4 Day Fat Loss – Burn Body Fat Naturally Will:

– Quickly melt away body fat so that you are NEVER embarrassed about your body again.
– Teach how to get the powerful hormones Growth Hormone, Leptin, Cortisol and Insulin working for you so that you are in control of fat burning and your health.
– Allow you to enjoy your favorite “sinful” foods to actually speed up fat loss so that you don’t feel like you are always on a diet.
– Give you all the tools needed to finally get your dream body so that you can stop praying for the magic pill to be discovered.
– Teach you the strategy that is scientifically proven to increase Growth Hormone levels by 2000% so that you can let GH do all the hard work for you.
– Give you a simple dieting method that will mean never counting another calorie again so that you have more time to do the things you want to do.
– Provide you with some easy to follow nutrition habits to keep the fat off…. FOREVER so that you never have to stress about feeling fat ever again.
– Give you more energy so that you can play with your kids, vacation more, and come home from work without feeling “drained”.
– Provide a strategy to time workouts in order to get even more benefit from your favorite foods so that you are maximizing efficiency and know how to get the most done in the least amount of time.
– Teach you the best tips & tricks for dieting success based on my years of experience so that you don’t spend THOUSANDS of dollars hoping a local nutritionist or personal trainer actually knows what they’re doing.
– Show you the specific ingredients that can melt fat away and make you healthier so that you can live a long life in your new lean, ripped and athletic body.
– Teach you the truth about the Science of Fat Loss so that you will never be fooled again by silly weight loss gimmicks or fad diets.
– Improve upon your overall health so that you not only look great, but you feel great too!
– Teach you about hunger and how to not let it derail your progress so that losing fat and keeping if off is as painless as it could ever be.
– Give you the information you need to keep looking your best so that you can live your life in your DREAM body and know everyday what it feels like to be lean, ripped and downright sexy!

What you can expect from 4 Day Fat Loss – Burn Body Fat Naturally…………

Phase 1: RAPID FAT LOSS RESULTS: This is a 24 Day cycle to get as much fat off your body as possible in a short amount of time. Phase 1 begins the process of fixing your broken metabolism while building your fat burning confidence and giving you an insane burst of momentum to carry you into Phase 2. Within 7 days of starting phase 1 you will be seeing and feeling noticeable results. It’s NOT uncommon for my clients to lose 5-10 pounds in those first 7 days. By cycling of calories and carbohydrates your metabolism will shift from BROKEN to FAT BURNING MACHINE.4DFL

Phase 2: TRANSITION Period: This is a short 12 Day cycle to slowly and strategically increase your calories to fuel your metabolism. The effect of this calorie increase will often yield additional fat loss. On my own personal transition phase, I lost an additional 6 pounds in those 12 days.

Phase 3: LIFESTYLE PHASE: REALISTIC plan that you can use going forward. This phase, as with all phases of 4 Day Fat Loss, focuses on keeping your fat loss hormones working in your favor. Here you will discover the power of STRATEGIC INDULGENCE as you learn how you can still enjoy all of your favorite foods without sacrificing your hard earned results. Phase 3 is broken up into two different 12 day plans to give you variety and set you up for success. Just because Phase 3 is about Lifestyle doesn’t mean you will not still be burning fat. If you still have body fat to lose at this point, you can still expect to be consistently losing 2-4 pounds each month with this lifestyle plan. If you do not need to get any leaner this plan is a very useful strategy to stay lean and NOT end up gaining back all your fat.

You don’t have to settle for the body you are currently living in. You have the power to make a change you have just been missing a proven strategy. A winning strategy. It is the winning strategy that works for absolutely everybody, every time.

Stop wasting time with painful, restrictive diets and hours on end of mindless cardio. Take the easy way out to changing your body.


4 Day Fat Loss – Burn Body Fat Naturally