4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution – Carb Cycling Macros


4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution – Carb Cycling Macros


Carb-Cycling is something that ANYBODY at ANY age can use to ERASE stubborn-fat faster, while still eating LOTS of your favorite-carbs.

That’s the advantage. It PROTECTS your metabolism and KEEPS your body burning-fat for the long haul.

Get Results FAST In Less Than 7 Days (Stop burning sugars, Start burning-fat)

END Your Body’s “Addiction” To Burning Nothing But Sugars and REPROGRAM YOUR BODY—to burn-the-fat FIRST, not LAST (and keep it off for good) in only one week’s time.

Become “fat-adapted” and lose up to 11 pounds in the first 7 days.

Break your dependence and addiction to the WRONG-carbs in the very first week.

Use it to lose-fat FASTER, while making your diet FUN!

Get Results FAST In Less Than 7 Days (Stop burning sugars, Start burning-fat)

PROGRAM Your Body to NEVER Store-Carbs-as-Fat (STOP carb-based “fat-spillover”) 

Learn how to eat-carbs the RIGHT way to increase insulin sensitivity, while you fight against diabetes and insulin resistance.

Confidently know that EACH and EVERY time you eat-carbs you’re increasing your body’s fat-burning power AND metabolic health.

MAXIMIZE your genetic fat-burning potential WITHOUT diet plateaus or extreme dieting.

DOUBLE Your Rate of Fat-Burning EVERY Time You Exercise (2 minute fat-burning shortcut)

Discover a 2 minute shortcut you can use in conjunction with carb-cycling to DOUBLE your rate of fat-burning (No extra workout time required).

Stimulate Anti-Aging hormones to keep you looking younger and shedding more unwanted weight.

Increase Oxygen and Blood Flow to increase your fat-burning efficiency TEN FOLD.

SPIKE Your Fat-Burning Hormones For Faster and More Consistent Fat-Loss (increase thyroid and leptin sensitivity)

STOP the hormonal damage of “low-carb dieting”, which suppresses your thyroid and leptin levels significantly.

RESET the fat-burning hormones that keep your metabolism and body healthy.

Increase leptin sensitivity and help your thyroid convert T4 to T3 more efficiently.

Build MORE Lean Muscle, for a Sexy and Attractive Body Shape (avoid the “skinny-fat” syndrome)

Discover why eating MORE-carbs is the BEST way for you to get a lean, sexy, attractive body shape.

“SPARK” and REVIVE Your Dead Metabolism, While You Prevent the Breakdown and Loss-of-Lean Muscle.

AVOID the muscle-loss that accompanies 99% of all low carb diets.

Be 100% PROUD OF YOUR BODY again!

SKYROCKET Your Energy Levels “Naturally” (increase your brain power and make yourself SMARTER)

Automatically produce more neurotransmitters to help your body AND mind stay sharp during prolonged periods of work, sleep deprivation, and other stressful situations… like everyday life.

Discover foods that your body was genetically designed to run on, so you can instantly increase your energy levels and brain power to GET MORE

DONE on a daily basis.

Get an extra pep in your step, while fueling exercise and other every day activities.

It fits PERFECTLY Into Your Busy Lifestyle

Do you hate having to go out of your way to try and find healthy diet foods every time you eat out or go to lunch? No problem! We gotcha covered.

No need to avoid-carbs when you’re living the ULTRA-CONVENIENT carb-cycling lifestyle! You just have to be a little strategic about it.

The perfect nutrition solution for anybody who travels, as well as busy moms, and ANYBODY in between.

So what in the world is this sensible nutrition solution that can help you “outsmart” your metabolism and conquer weight-loss plateaus once and for all?

Introducing… 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution – Carb Cycling Macros


4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution – Carb Cycling Macros – The Remedy For Every Person Who’s Frustrated With Strict, Complicated Diets That Constantly RESTRICT-Carbs But Deliver ZERO Results…

Why is Macro-Patterning The Most Sensible Solution to FASTER Fat-Loss and Permanent Weight Management?

It OVERCOMES the 5 biggest dieting adaptations your body goes through… all of which create weight-loss plateaus, stop your fat-loss, slow down your metabolism, zapping your body of energy, and suppressing critical hormones.

Here they are…

Advantage #1: Manipulate Fat-and-Energy Stores

Discover how to effectively use all your excess-fat and the food you eat everyday MUCH more efficiently as IMMEDIATE energy, instead of storing it as-fat.

It allows you to manipulate stored energy in your muscles and liver (i.e. glycogen), which means FASTER more efficient fat-loss and healthier metabolism.

When you crack the fat-loss code with carb-cycling, you’ll take a few days of the week to lower glycogen levels just enough for your body to grab and burn-fat.

When you learn the simple science behind the fat-loss code and break it forever, you approach nutrition and fat-loss with a logic of knowledge (coming from a place of POWER)… NOT the “emotional” attachment to the latest diet of the week.

Advantage #2: Protect and Support Muscle

The very FIRST thing your body wants to do when you diet is shed precious muscle. But it can’t do so if it’s PROTECTED. The only way to get YOUR body to burn-fat, instead of muscle, is to make it easier to do so.

And when you have more muscle, you can get away with eating LOTS more of your favorite foods because you burn more calories and your energy tank becomes largely EXPANDED.

More muscle means a healthier metabolism that loves to burn MORE-fat – all while boosting your metabolism and keeping you YOUNGER looking.

That’s what makes this program so effective. It protects and supports your muscle to help you AVOID the “skinny-fat” look.

Advantage #3: Stabilize Blood Sugar and CONTROL Insulin

The third adaptive response that you need to overcome is managing insulin and controlling blood sugar levels.

Chronically increased insulin levels and elevated blood sugar promote fat-storage, ages you at an accelerated rate, while stable blood sugar and insulin levels make it much EASIER for your body to use stored-fat as fuel.

You may think this is accomplished by just using LOW-carb foods, but quite the contrary. You can still eat many of your favorite HIGH carb-foods, while keeping blood sugar and insulin at bay. It’s all about managing 3 simple things: Portion Sizes, Timing, and Combinations.

Besides, most of us just abandon these low-carb types of plans anyway. They’re not realistic for our way of life.

Don’t worry; we leave NOTHING to chance. Once you learn how easy it is to carb-cycle, it truly takes all the guesswork out of blood sugar and insulin.

Advantage #4: Produce More Heat

The fourth adaptive dieting response to overcome is the body’s needs for consistent energy.

To use-fat more consistently as fuel, you’ll need to naturally “heat up” the body. This is done by using carb-cycling to balance your calorie intake and regulating your thyroid and leptin levels (fat-burning hormones).

When you heat up your body by Macro-Patterning, more energy is used, and your body-fat becomes a DIRECT SOURCE OF FUEL.

Advantage #5: Create a “Fat-Burning” Energy Deficit

The fifth and final step to MAXIMIZE your fat-burning efficiency and give you optimal health is creating a “fat-burning energy deficit”, which sends a powerful “signal” for your body to use excess-fat you have stored.

There are two simple ways to create a “fat-burning energy deficit”:

1) Manipulate Calories
2) Exercise and Move More

We show you how to use BOTH of these strategies simultaneously so your body knows how to “go get the fat” FIRST. When we create a healthy “fat-burning energy deficit”, the body automatically uses more fat for an energy source.

YOUR body will now be on fat-burning Autopilot!

The Most Extreme Fat-Loss You’ll Ever Experience Happens in the Very First Week, but the REAL Fat-Burning “Magic” Happens AFTER Day 7…

Everybody knows by now that lowering your carb-intake can help you lose weight and burn-fat faster.

But it’s always SHORT LIVED and there can be a DARK side to low carb-dieting.

That’s because “crash” diets and other carb-restricted diets fail to take into consideration ANY knowledge of regulating the human body and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

In reality, it’s not really your metabolism that’s the problem, but rather the effect that most fat-loss programs, particularly low-carb diets, have on your metabolism.

For example, a week or two on any of these approaches and you’ll likely:

1. Lose muscle
2. Lose a bunch of water
3. Maybe lose a tad bit-of-fat
4. Destroy your metabolism
5. Set yourself up to quickly rebound back beyond your original bodyweight
6. Achieve a “skinny-fat” physique in which you’re still carrying substantial body-fat, only now with no muscle.

It’s OBVIOUS isn’t it?

Traditional low-carb diets unleash a chain reaction of negative consequences that can set you up for a MASSIVE amount-of-fat “spillover”.

So even if you start pounding away on the treadmill, cutting out all high-carb processed foods, and counting every calorie you put in your mouth day after day, it’s simply not enough. You have to have STRATEGY.

And that’s exactly the very first-cycle of 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution – Carb Cycling Macros is designed to start out with 7 days of your FASTEST fat loss EVER, while ENDING your body’s “addiction” to burning sugars (i.e. become fat-adapted).

Cycle one sends a VERY powerful signal that REPROGRAMS your body to burn-fat FIRST, every time you eat more carbs – all of which happens AFTER the first week.

And that’s exactly what 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution – Carb Cycling Macros is. The EASIEST scientific way to aggressively lose-fat using a strategic carb-cycling plan that you can actually adhere to all year round.

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