30 Day Sharp Shooter – Gun Training Course


30 Day Sharp Shooter – Gun Training Course


If you’ve ever fired a gun before, you know this simple truth. The only “Gun Control” that matters is being able to hit your target on the first shot.

Heck, in the event you are being attacked, 3 inches off target can mean the difference between you stopping your attacker and your attacker stopping you – possibly even killing you with your own gun.

Unless you are able to shoot with deadly accuracy, even a knife-wielding maniac 30 yards away can still get close enough to you to end your life no matter how many shots you fire.

And this is a VERY dark subject but we need to talk about it. Did you know that self-inflicted gunshot wounds are the most common gun related 911 call?

We all have guns but we have a responsibility to learn how to use them correctly to avoid hurting ourselves or those around us we love.



Failure is NOT an option [This Is For You].

This course helps people protect their families from the scumbags that would do them harm.

What we want to place in your hands today is a proven way to learn deadly accuracy with your handgun.

In this course, an ex-CIA spook reveals proven techniques for hitting your target even when bullets are whizzing by your head.

Can you IMAGINE getting firearms training straight from the CIA? What a badass you would be like a real James Bond or Jason Bourne…

But we both know that will NEVER happen so what can you do…

Former CIA officer and Shark Tank star Jason Hanson has condensed CIA weapons training to the 30 tricks, hacks and tactics that matter most:

It’s SO close to CIA training he got this cease and desist letter from the agency.




30 Day Sharp Shooter guide gives you a simple drill to do each day of the month. The drills you do Monday-Friday are dry-fire drills, which you can practice at home with a safe and empty weapon…

And they take less than 9 minutes each. Then on Saturday’s, you exercise live-fire drills, which you can do at your local shooting range.

You have everything you need to improve your accuracy both at home and at the range.

In short, 30 Day Sharp Shooter is like having a personal instructor to work with you one-on-one to help you develop incredible accuracy…Without having to travel and without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

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30 Day Sharp Shooter – Gun Training Course