2 Tickets To The Gun Show: Biceps Workout Review


2 Tickets To The Gun Show: Biceps Workout Review


2 Tickets To The Gun Show: Biceps Workout is a simple program offered by Dan Trink and it promises that if you follow it step-by-step, you’ll be able to gain three inches of arm muscle in just four weeks. That’s right – you’ll have those big, muscular arms in just a month. You’ll be able to lose weight, get fit, and flaunt those big arms in no time and it doesn’t involve the same routine you’d expect.

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Dan Trink, a world-renowned trainer, tosses away the negative routines 95% of bodybuilders follow because those routines fail. You won’t be doing the same training for the same muscle groups for the same number of repetitions. You won’t be doing exercises as an afterthought and you won’t be able to cheat your way through repetitions.


• It focuses on volume and variety, giving you different routines and additional work to ensure your muscles always get worked up with every routine you do.
• You also get to focus on the right time under tension or TUT.
• Discover Dan Trink’s secret Supercompensation Slingshot technique that guarantees you’ll gain a muscular body in just a few weeks. It is based on draining glycogen from the body (a well-planned overtraining routine) that forces the brain to pump your muscles bigger in order to compensate.
• There are two parts to the program. You first get the Training Manual, which contains the Supercompensation Slingshot as well as sixteen different routines. This is the main bulk of your training material and this is a $297 package. Then there is the Personal Workout Templates, a $47 value package. This is a simple journal that helps you monitor your progress and it provides all the routines, repetitions, and guides you need to follow on a daily basis to make sure you’re doing the right exercises every day.
• You get a $344 value for just $22.22. That’s right; you get both materials for just $22.22. This is actually a temporary price drop from the original $27.99.
• If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can always avail of the 60-day money back guarantee.


• Unfortunately both materials are only available in digital format so it won’t be available for those who want to hold a physical book in their hands.

Stop dilly-dallying and get the program to pump those muscles and look as good as you’ve always wanted. It’s affordable with a money-back guarantee, you see results in four weeks, and everything you need to know is already laid out for you. What else would you need?

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