100 Great Sex Games for Couples


100 Great Sex Games for Couples


If you’ve ever tried finding information on sex-games or ever bought a book yourself , then you know they’re all filled with the same rehashed plays.

Take a bath together, drink champagne, have fun with food, truth or dare, blah blah blah…

Quite frankly, you don’t need any book to tell you about these plays!

These might be nice for newlyweds getting to know each other but for couples in long-term relationships, like yourself, they’re WORTHLESS! (Because, you’ve already done most of them in these books during sex anyway!)

Bottom line: there’s almost zero quality sex-games for you and your lover.

Introducing… 100 Great Sex Games For Couples

These are…

  • NOT the same old plays you find everywhere else!
  • NOT difficult or complicated to prepare!
  • NOT immoral or degrading to your relationship!

If you find just one out of the 100 plays that you enjoy, this will have a profound effect on your marriage or relationship.

And best of all, many of them require no preparation at all!

Luckily, for those that require a little prepping, you’ll find most things you need within 2 minutes right in your own home.

Things like: deck of cards, dice, the television, fabric for blindfolds, a chess board, poker chips, pen and paper, DVDs, various foods, events on TV, dart board, CD players and much much more…

And while there are several of them that use basic things like massage and guessing, they put such a unique spin on these, they feel completely new.

Here’s Just a Sample Inside 100 Great Sex Games For Couples

  • A brand new way to play with a deck of cards that will bring about amazing climaxes
  • An exciting play that leads to lovemaking in new places around the house
  • A great child’s play with a slight change of the rules can be reused for incredible lovemaking possibilities
  • A play that begins at a restaurant and the sex actions are determined by what’s on the menu and what the waiter says
  • A guessing-game that will have you burning with desire in just 10 minutes
  • A sex-game that turns an ordinary, every day experience into 30 minutes of pulsating foreplay
  • Kings and Queens will have a whole new, erotic meaning with this play
  • A sex-game that guarantees to stimulate your body in new and exciting ways while keeping your partner begging for more
  • Blindfolds and food always make for great lovemaking – this puts new twists on the concept
  • Turn watching that football, basketball or baseball into an erotic romp. Both of you will be cheering on the teams in a new and surprising way
  • A twist on an old bar-game that will bring burning passions to your loins – and everyone wins
  • The lingerie-game will have one of you begging for action by the time it is over
  • Play this ball-game indoors which will guarantee to have him rock hard and throbbing by the time it is over
  • And much much more…

NEVER Be Stuck For Lovemaking Ideas Again!

  • Enjoy a closer and more meaningful relationship with your partner
  • Experience more happiness and fulfillment in your relationship or marriage
  • Enjoy more confidence knowing your partner is fully satisfied (maybe they’ll even initiate sex more!)
  • Make love more often!
  • Have full-body orgasms more often
  • Feel safe and secure knowing that your thriving relationship will continue to blossom long into the future

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100 Great Sex Games for Couples