10 Natural Ways To Overcome Schizophrenia Disorder


10 Natural Ways To Overcome Schizophrenia Disorder


There are many ways to overcome or to minimize the schizophrenia negative and positive symptoms. Here are listed ten natural ways to avoid those symptoms in an active manner and as an addition to the antipsychotic drugs treatment:

1) Therapy

Go to a Psychologist and talk about your routine. The therapist’s room is a protected environment where you can cope with sore things that are taken from your daily routine or from your past. This is the exact place to speak and deal about past negative experiences.

2) Do exercise

Get out of the house and walk for 45 minutes each day for a start. Doing exercise is a great way to get in shape, reduce your bad cholesterol level in your blood and reduce your blood pressure. It also makes you feel better with yourself and sleep well at night.

3) Develop your social life

Make new friends and hang out with them, go to visit your parents or loved ones from time to time. An active social life is a great way to bother yourself with different things beside your mental illness. It lifts up the spirit and brings new opportunities to your life.

4) Find your mate

Get a boy or a girl friend. If you are alone, the best way to fight loneliness is by getting to know and hang out with someone you really care for. Don’t be shy; try to find your own piece of relationships in the world. Couples can cope with any aspect in life in a better way than doing that on your own.

5) Entertainment

Go and does any activity that makes you feel good. Read a book or a magazine, watch the TV, go to the cinema, and develop your hobbies. Just do or find what makes you feel good and busy in your spare time. Entertaining yourself is a great way to stop thinking about your mental illness and also develop other skills in life.

6) Find a steady job

Having something that forces you to get up in the morning and start your day’s routine is the greatest way I am familiar with in order to get better. A job also provides you with a steady amount of money that can pay your bills and buy you stuff you like. It is also a crucial ingredient in your way of getting your independency.

7) Diet

Take control of what you eat and put into your mouth. Psychiatric medicines are known for being the number one reason for gaining weight. Therefore, you have to take control of what you put into your mouth and don’t deny the possibility to go to a professional dietetic professional in order to help you doing so.

8) Don’t exaggerate

Balance your activities in life. On the one hand don’t overdue things that make you feel bad or you dislike, and on the other hand avoid from doing only things you like and avoiding from doing what you must. Moderation is an important habit.

9) Develop skills

Developing skills such as your social skill or learning a profession is a great way to contradict your illness symptoms. Skills can be easily acquired and be thought in order to deal with your life in a better way and as another step towards your independent.

10) Avoid

It is a great opportunity to make a stop or to avoid having or doing bad things that could demolish everything you are working for. Quit smoking, don’t use bad drugs, don’t heavily drink, don’t isolate yourself, avoid pornography, and above all balance between all of your activities.

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